April 6th meeting minutes

SYSL Board of Directors Meeting

April 6, 2010

7:30 PM

1. Meeting called to order.

2. Attendees:


Steven Hunt Mario Ramos Kevin Roane

Lisa Buckley Lorraine Paukner Howard Finer

Emily Glass Jay Anderson

Absent: Kevin Berkowsky and Joanne Gately

Guest: Myles Duffy

3. Myles came to talk to the board about expanding our on-line store, he wants input from us regarding new items that he can try to sell on the on-line store.

4. Review minutes from March 2, 2010 meeting.

Motion to accept minutes by Emily, second by Lorraine

Unanimously approved

5. Registrar’s report:

Lisa presented the board with the registrar’s report, 483 players registered, highest we had in a long time.

Motion to accept registrar’s report made by Emily, second by Kevin Roane

Unanimously approved

6. Treasurer’s report

No treasure’s report at this time

7. Field Report

a. Still need to do the U-6 and U-8 lines( Black paint)

b. U12 arc ( 8 yards)

c. Overall Fields in good condition

8. Concession Stand

Water has been turned on and so have the refrigerators.

9. SSSL report

Nothing of importance discussed at the SSSL monthly meeting.

10. Spring 2010

a. Record email vote

Modell’s fundraiser

Anthony Taglieri u-8 boys coach

Colleen Gately U-10 4th team

Lisa Shaw assistant U-5

Unanimously approved

b. Game and practice open/Closing schedule, Emily will open on Monday

c. Goalkeeper jerseys- need to get them back from coaches from previous seasons.

d. Mid season coaches meeting

Motion made by Steve to purchase pizza for the mid season coaches meeting, second by Mario.

Unanimously approved

11. Old business

a. Patches: SYSL and juggling club

1000 SYSL patches 69 cents each.

1000 juggling club patches 51 cents each

5 juggles 400 patches

10 juggles 250 patches

25 juggles 200 patches

50 juggles 100 patches

100 juggles 50 patches

Motion to purchase above by Emily, second by Lisa Buckley

Unanimously approved

b. Sports pilot electronic checks, still not ready need to be ready for fall season.

c. Picnic tables will be very difficult to pick up due to their size. They will deliver them for a flat charge of $50.00

Motion by Lisa to have them delivered, second by Mario.

Unanimously approved

d. Bleachers being taken down, need to rope that area off until they are put back together

e. Discussion took place regarding increasing the late fee from 40 to 50 dollars, leaving the late fee as is.

f. Nomination committee, chaired by Steven Hunt, Chris Cessario will be the non board member representing the committee.

g. License for Kolz fields

Howard attended the selectmen’s meeting and our license for the fields has been extended for the next five years.

12. New business

a. The fields will be sprayed for mosquitos on Tuesday mornings.

b. Discussion took place regarding refund to Lisa Chaboudy, due to medical reasons, son cannot play, we will refund her minus uniform cost, which was$29.00.

c. 2010 Cheryl Flanagan Memorial scholarship fund

Discussion took place all candidates were reviewed; it was narrowed down to three finalists. Board voted on awarding three winners this year. Motion made by Kevin Roane, second by Steve. Approved 6 to 1, Mario voted against awarding three scholarships.

The names of the three winners will be announced graduation; the winners will not be notified until graduation night.

13. Meeting adjourned, next meeting Monday 5/10/2010.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Mario Ramos