April 7, 2009

SYSL Board of Directors Meeting
April 7, 2009
7:30 PM


1. Meeting called to order.

2. Attendees:
Steven Hunt Mario Ramos Kevin Roane
Kevin Hickey Lorraine Paukner Howard Finer
Emily Glass Joanne Gately Lisa Buckley 8:30

Guest: Naomi Leon


3. Review minutes from the March 3rd meeting.
Motion to accept by Lorraine, second by Emily
Approved 7 to 0

4. Treasurer’s report:
Saving account has been open with a $10,000 deposit. About 16k left in the checking account.
Motion by Kevin, second by Emily
Approved 7-0
5. Field Report:

a. Kevin Roane will be painting the message board.
b. Howard will purchase a tool box
6. Concession stand
Steve will place an order for cotton candy, pretzels, and fried dough
7. SSSL report:

a. Skip Gorman is the new Mass Youth Soccer president.

b. A shelter to protect players and spectators at the Lancaster fields is being built to protect players and spectators from thunderstorms.

c. If a club player is already registered with Mass Youth through his or her club, that player does not need to register and pay again while playing for their town.
d. The SSSl also wants each town to promote different awards that are available to be given out each year, such as Coach of the year and volunteer of the year.
e. There will be additional discussion a vote taken at next months meeting regarding the fall season. It appears that it will be an 8-week season, the charge will only be $40 per team, there will be a roster, not laminated and there will be no id cards. As it stands now each town will be responsible for paying the referees.


8. Topps soccer

Jen is taking paper applications and then she will input them into sports pilot.


9. Spring 2009
Don Hatch to assist Demarino
Anthony Casna to assist Dan Roos
Joanne Gately to assist Steve Hunt
Ana Azul to assist Bob Fishman U-10 boys 2nd team
John Delvalle HC U-16 boys, Len Anastasia assistant
Michael Akikie to assist Lorraine Paukner
Kelli Falcone to assist Kelli Jarasitis U-10 boys 3rd team
Brian Freedman to assist Chris Cesario
Steve Lozano to assist Ken McColl
David Oreper to assist Rich Rogers
Kerry Flynn to assist Enda Flynn

Motion by Emily, second by Kevin Roane
Approved 8 to 0

Howard has completed the opening and close schedule of the fields for the spring.

Coach appreciation date June 12th.

10. Registrars report.

There are 450 players signed up, there is still room on the eU-16 and U-18 boys team.
11. Old business

a. Fundraiser ( all coaches have their packages)
b. Traveling coach’s shirts that were ordered for the female coaches, did not fit right, new ones will be ordered.
c. Risk assessment and readiness ( Kevin Roane is putting the list of do’s and don’t together.

12. New business:
a. Rob Mitchell would like to have a few coach’s scrimmages at the fields, we will try to organize a few of them for those coaches that wish to participate.
b. Equipment swap (will take place on the Saturday April 11th and Sunday April 12th.
c. Decided against doing the booster club fundraiser event
d. We will once again offer the 2-season registration option; the price to register will remain the same.
Motion to keep it the same by Joanne, second by Mario
Approved 8 to 0

e. High school division
Motion by Steve, second by Kevin Roane
Approved 8 to 0

f . Scholarship
There were 6 candidates; they were numbered 1 through 6. Steve read each candidates application. Motion by Emily to accept applicant #5, second by Howard
Approved 7 – 0, Steve Hun abstained,
The Cheryl Flanagan memorial scholarship receipt will be announced at Graduation, for the time being, the winner’s name will not be published in our minutes until after graduation.

13. Next meeting will by on Tuesday May 5th at 7:30

Minutes respectfully submitted by Mario Ramos