August 11, 2009


SYSL Board of Directors Meeting

August 11, 2009

8:00 PM


1.      Meeting called to order.


2.      Attendees:


      Naomi Leon                Mario Ramos             Lisa Buckley                

Lorraine Paukner            Howard Finer             Emily Glass               

Jay Anderson                     Joanne Gately              Steve Hunt 8:15



Absent: Kevin Roane




3.      Reviewed minutes From July 7th meeting.

Add Jamboree times as follow:

Week #1(Jamboree times)

U8 Girls and U10 boys 8:30AM and 11:30 AM

U8 Boys and U10 Girls 10AM and 1 PM

U-5 and tops 11:30 AM and 2:30 PM

U-6 10AM and 1PM

U-16/18 2:30 pm



Motion by Joanne, second by Jay

Approved 7 to 0



4.      Registrar’s report

  Lisa presented the board a print out of the registration numbers by age group, in total 431 registered to date.


Motion to accept the registrar’s report by Emily, second by Naomi.

      Approved 7 to 0    



5.      Treasures report


Between checking and savings account, the league has 34,198.11 in the bank.


Motion to accept treasure’s report made by Lorraine, second by Emily

Approved 8 to 0



6.      Field Report

  1. Field 3 will be open, fields look good.
  2. Howard will contact Chris Carlow to repair kick wall pulley.


7.      Concession Stand report:

  Kevin Hickey turned off circuit breaker to water heater.


8.      SSSL Report

Nothing to report at this time.



9.      TOPSoccer

Nothing new to report


10.  Old Business

  1. Board manual- nothing new to report.
  2. Sports Pilot electronic check; need to provide evidence that we are a non-profit organization.
  3. Juggling club-Emily sent information to board on what her and her committee came up with.  She will sent it out again for the board to review.
  4. Sponsor Plaques- there are still a few to be given out.



11.  Fall 2009 season


a. Record coaches votes that were done via email:


U-5 division

Dan Mathers (HC)

Justin Whitman ( HC)

Adam Iacobucci (HC)

Sherry DeAguiar (assistant)

William Bismore (HC)

Rich Rogers (HC)

Jay Ierardi (HC)

Brian McGivern(assistant)

Matt Porcaro (assistant)

Adrienne Lobrano (assistant)

Russell Blake (HC)


Unanimously approved


U-5 division

Colleen Gately(assistant)

Approved 8 to 0

Joanne Gately abstained


U-8 Girls

Tony Carafa (HC)

Dan Mathers (assistant)

William Bismore (HC)

Sherry Deaguiar ( assistant)


Unanimously approved


U-8 Boys

Cid Correia


Unanimously approved


U-6 division

Lisa Andrews (HC)

Joshua Cohen (HC)


Unanimously approved


U12 Girls

Luis Monteiro second team

Chuck Sullivan third team


Unanimously approved


b. New coach’s votes


U-8 Girls: Nancy Okun-Silverman (assistant)

                 Bob Kashian(assistant)

U-8 Boys : John Bangs (HC)

                   Peter McDade (assistant)


U-6 division:  Herbert Rosen

                       Jeff Hunter

U-10 Girls:  Dan Roos (assistant)

                    Charlotte Mullen(assistant)

                    Bob Kashian (assistant)

                    Michael Hoover (assistant)


U10Girls Travel

First team: Katie Kashian (HC) and Howard Finer            (assistant)

Second team: Michael Widrow (HC) and Dan Roos            (assistant)


U10 Boys travel

Jay Anderson (HC) Roy Gichel (assistant)


U14 Girls

First team: Glass/Mace

Second team: Ramos/Donahue


Motion to approve above by Emily, second by Naomi

Unanimously approved


James Balckwell- General trainer to assist as needed

Motion by Emily, second by Naomi

Unanimously approved


  1. Confirmation of team counts:


U-5      keeping 8 teams of 7

U-6      8 teams of 8

U8B     8 teams of 8 may go to 9

U8G     8 teams of 6 or 7

U10B travel 1 team

U10G travel 2 teams


Motion to accept above by Steven, second by Lorraine

Unanimously approved



  1. MLS camps partnership for fall 15 hours owed


Motion by Steve to conduct a clinic from 3 to 6 for five Sundays in the fall.  Second by Emily.


Approved 7 to 1

Mario voted no.


  1. Release rosters


Motion to release travel rosters by Steve, second by Mario

Unanimously approved


  1. Motion by Mario to give Rob Mitchell keys to the fields, second by Emily.


Unanimously approved.


  1. Howard submitted application for field permit.








12.  New business:


    1. Uniform Vendor


Quote form Myles, T-shirts 3 color, 9 dollars each, less than 5 $20 each shirt.


Motion by Steve to allow 24 hours in order for a quote from another vendor.  If quote is higher than Myles quote, we will remain with Camelot for the fall season.

Second by Emily.

Unanimously approved.


    1. Board Jersey


Only order for those who need one.


    1. Patriot Alarm Contact list


Buddy Lamplough

Howard Finer

Mario Ramos

Steve Hunt

Kevin Roane

Jay Anderson


    1. Will sell the meet the revolution tickets for $16.00 each, total of $64.00 for the 4 tickets.
    2. The board will have Kevin Barney and Katie Lawes, come to our next board meeting. They have started a business that works with individual towns helping them run their individual leagues.





13. Next meeting Tuesday September 1st..


14. Meeting adjourned.



Minutes respectfully submitted by Mario Ramos