December 09, 2008

SYSL Board of Directors Meeting
December 9th, 2008
7:30 PM1. Meeting called to order.

2. Attendees:
Steven Hunt Mario Ramos Kevin Roane
Lisa Buckley Lorraine Paukner Howard Finer
Emily Glass Kevin Hickey

Absent: Pat Passi
Joanne Gately


3. Guest: Joshua Correia
Joshua is offering to do our web site free of charge
4. Review minutes from the last meeting
The following changes were done:
Item # 5 should be Treasurer’s report, corrected Lorraine’s name on item # 6 and corrected #7 to read d-con.
Motion to accept minutes made by Steve Hunt, second by Kevin Hickey.
Approved 7-0

5. Registrars report:
Lisa presented the board with a package listing the total number of registered players and breakdown by age group.
Motion to accept registrars report made by Steven Hunt, second by Emily.
Approved 7-0


6. Treasurer’s report

$38,561 in the bank, all bills paid to date. There are some outstanding sponsor bills, another statement will be sent. There have been no bounced checks since our last meeting.

Motion to accept treasures report by Steve, second by Lorraine.
Approved 7-0.

7. SSSL report
a) Friendship tournament has been awarded to Raynham.
b) Final roster due January 15th to Nancy.

8.Spring 2009

We need to have all of the roster information to Lisa by January 4th.
U-10 Boys division, could use another 5 players
U-10 Girls, 3 spots open, will close the division once we get to 33.
U-12 boys currently at 25, will be looking to cut players.
U-14 boys, currently at 25, if we do not get more players, will have to cut players.
U-16 boys, currently at 11, need to get to 15 players in order to field a team.

Rosters are not to be released at this time; this will be discussed again at the next meeting.

9.Old business
a)all board members will review Both Joshua’s and Scott’s websites to see which one, which should go with.
b) Logo contest, Steve will send the logo out to a couple of vendors to see how it comes out, before we order the new patches.
c) Fundraiser, We will look into Pampered chef for the spring as well as Emily will look into Texas roadhouse. We will also try to do the Papa Ginos and the yearly Noceras fundraiser.

d) Coaching- motion to hire MLS camp to work with our coaches in the spring.
Motion made by Emily, second by Mario.
Approved 7-0

10. New business
a) Discussion came up regarding bring in light towers to hold a weekend of night games.
With the cost being approximately $2,000.
Motion not to hold this event at this time, made by Steve, second by Emily.
Vote not to hold the event 7-0.

c) Motion by Mario to charge $200 per season to put on a sign at the field, $250 for both spring and fall season, plus a one-time fee to purchase the sign. Any sponsor that sponsors 2 teams during the same season, the sign will be put up for that season at no charge. Second by Steve.
Motion approved 7-0

11. Adjourn-next meeting Tuesday January 6th.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Mario Ramos