December 1, 2009

SYSL Board of Directors Meeting

December 1, 2009

7:30 PM

1. Meeting called to order.

2. Attendees:


Kevin Berkowsky Mario Ramos Lisa Buckley

Lorraine Paukner Howard Finer Emily Glass

Jay Anderson Joanne Gately Steve Hunt

Kevin Roane

3. Reviewed minutes From November 3rd meeting.

a) Amend #11 C to read as follow:

U-10 girls 3 teams- no tryouts held for this division, but all the coaches got together and ranked the players.

Motion by Steve to make Katie Kashian head coach of the first team and Howard as the assistant. Second by Joanne.

Unanimously approved

Motion by Steve to make Scott Rawl the second team coach.

Second by Mario.

Approved 8 to 0 Kevin Roane abstained from the vote.

Motion by Steve to make Gina O’Neil the coach of the 3rd team, second by Joanne.

Unanimously approved.

b) Delete item # 3 from the 11/10/09 special board meeting.

Motion by Steve, second by Emily.

Unanimously approved

4. Registrar’s report

Lisa Buckley presented the board the latest figures for the spring 2010 registration by age group.

Motion to accept registrar’s report by Steve, second by Mario.

Unanimously approved

5. Treasurer’s report

$10,062.48 in the savings account, $28,853.53 in the checking account, total $38,916.01. All bills up to date, There are still several unpaid fall sponsors.

Motion to accept treasurer’s report by Steve, second by Lorraine.

Unanimously approved.

6. Field Report

a. Mario has taken 9 boxes of paint; there are still several boxes that need to be removed before the paint freezes up.

b. 10 out of the 12 U-10 goals, the nets have been removed.

c. Need to purchase new tire tubes.

7. Concession report

a. Water has been turned off and concession stand has been winterized.

8. SSSL Report

a. Still trying to go forward with Sports pilot.

b. Every town must have a referee assignor even for in house games. If a town does not have one, then it must get one from another town.

c. The site for the friendship tournament will be voted on over the next few weeks and announced at the January South shore meeting.

d. Placement meeting will be held on Saturday 12/12 at St Joseph’s Church in Holbrook.

e. Referee meeting March 20, 2010 at St. Josephs Church in Holbrook.

9. TOPSsoccer Report

Nothing to report

10. Spring 2010

a.U14 boys division

There are 6 players unassigned and 6 wait listed.

Motion by Steve to move Ali and Mohammad Houraibi from wait list to unassigned list. Second by Emily.

Unanimously approved.

Motion by Mario to make Colum Kavanagh, assistant coach of the U-14 boy’s team.

Second by Steve.

Unanimously approved

b. U18 girls division

Motion by Steve to make Buddy Lamplough the assistant U-18 girls coach. Second by Mario

Unanimously approved

c. U-10 boys

1) Motion by Kevin Berkowsky to make Fernando Melo, the assistant coach for the U-10 boy’s first team. Second by Steve.

Unanimously approved

2) Jim Wagner has withdrawn his name from coaching U-10 boy’s second team.

d. U-10 girls

1) Scott Rawl has withdrawn his name from coaching the U-10 girls second team, his resignation letter dated 11/17/09 is on file.

2) Motion by Howard to make Colum Kavanagh, the U-10 girl’s second team coach. Second by Kevin Roane.

Unanimously approved

e. Spring Sponsor

Need 16 spring sponsors.

Lorraine will be the sponsor coordinator, but we all need to help her out.

f. Uniform vendor

Discussion took place regarding spring 2010 uniforms.

1) High 5 flash uniform was approved in a 6 to 3 vote.

Mario, Steve and Emily voted against it.

2) In an 8 to 0 vote, changing vendor to Mike Stoller, Uniform company. The uniform kit, includes, Jersey, Shorts and socks for $33, and 6.50 per in house t-shirt.

Mario abstained from the vote

As a courtesy to our current uniform supplier, they will be approached and we will ask them to give us another quote, before we place the order.

11. Old Business

a. Sports pilot, still issues with electronic checks.

b. Photo gallery on going.

c. Noceras fundraiser, moved to early spring.

d. Picnic tables, tabled to next meeting

e. Soccer plus F C Y-SAT assessment questionnaire will be completed by Mario, Howard, Joanne and Steve.

f. US youth soccer grant money. Emily will look into it.

12. New business:

a. Stoughton youth soccer has earned a credit of $47.40 from the Boston Breakers, motion to put that money into the purchase of parking pass for the 2010 season. Motion by Mario, second by Steve.

Unanimously approved

b. Winter coaches meeting

Motion by Steve, to host a couple of coaching education meetings. One to go over the fall season, we will provide pizza that night and a second one where we will bring a MA Youth soccer coach to conduct the training session..

Second by Emily.

Unanimously approved

c. Training for spring

Motion by Steve to hire MA Youth soccer coaches at $65.00 per hour, second by Joanne.

Unanimously approved

d. Motion by Mario for Steve to purchase 25, 48×60 blankets. Second by Kevin Berkowsky.

Unanimously approved

e. Motion by Howard to purchase a portable hard drive, second by Emily.

Unanimously approved

13. Next meeting Tuesday January 5th.

14. Meeting adjourned.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Mario Ramos