February 3, 2009

SYSL Board of Directors Meeting
February 3rd 2009
7:30 PM1. Meeting called to order.

2. Attendees:
Steven Hunt Mario Ramos Kevin Roane
Lisa Buckley Lorraine Paukner Howard Finer
Emily Glass Kevin Hickey Joanne Gately

Absent: Pat Passi

Guest: Terry Gordon (MLS camp)


3. Review minutes from the January 6th meeting.
Motion to accept by Lorraine second by Steve
Approved 8-0
4. Registrars report:
Lisa presented the board with a package listing the total number of registered players and breakdown by team.
Motion to accept registrars report made by Emily, second by Lorraine
Approved 8-0

5. Treasurer’s report

Joanne presented the board with a detailed package showing our profits and losses. The savings account has not been open yet.

Motion to accept treasures report by Steve, second by Kevin Roane
Approved 8-0.

6. Field Report:

Steve Hunt will order sand bags and wheels for the U-12 nets.
The kick wall pulley’s need to be replaced, this will take place in the spring once the fields dry up and the bucket truck can be brought in without damaging the field.

7. SSSL report:

Mario attended the January South Shore league meeting.
a) Bridgewater will be hosting the 2009 Challenge cup tournament on Memorial Day weekend, this year the U-8 and U-10 will play all their games in one day.
b) Overall Nancy is pleased with the registration process, as of this date, still missing roster from four towns, Sharon, West Bridgewater, Rockland and Quincy. She will conduct a mandatory registrar’s meeting next year.

c) Raynham will be hosting the Friendship tournament again this year.

d) The referee meeting will be in Holbrook on March 21st from 8:30 to 12.
8. Topps Soccer
Jennifer Comeau, will continue to coordinate Topps Soccer, it will be held on Sundays at noon.
9. Spring 2009

a) Change of U-16 boys coach, need a new coach..

Motion by Emily,
second by Kevin Roane.
Motion approved 6-1 , Steve Hunt abstained

We will have to search for a new U-16 boys coach

b) Motion made by Joanne to make Roy Gichel the head coach and Jay Anderson the assistant coach to the second U-14 boys team.
Second by Lisa
Approved 8-0

c) Motion made by Howard to name Charlotte Mullen assistant coach to the U-10 girls 3rd team.
Second by Kevin Roane
Approved 8-0

d) Motion made by Kevin Roane to name John Sachidana the assistant coach to the U-10 girls 1st team.
Second by Mario
Approved 8-0

e) Motion by Mario to release the U-10Boys roster as soon as the roster are updated and to also release the U-14boys rosters.
Second by Steve Hunt
Approved 8-0


f) In-house program
U-5 – 8 teams of up to 6 players, if we have more sign ups, will go up to 10 teams.

U-6 – Maximum of 8 players, up to 10 teams.

U-8 Girls – 4 teams up to 10 kids per team.

U-8 Boys – 6 teams up to 10 kids per team.

Motion by Emily, second by Mario
Approved 8-0

g) Schedule
The in-house spring season will be as follow:
4/19, 4/26, 5/3 5/10, 5/17 5/31, 6/7 and 6/14

Topps and U-5 at 12PM
U-6 and U 8 Girls 1:30 PM
U-8 boys 3:00PM

Motion by Mario, second by Steve
Approved 8-0

h) Terry spoke briefly regarding the MLS coach that will be allocated to Stoughton. We will be getting together shortly to plan out a schedule for the coach.

i) There will be an MLS camp on the week of July 13th; Mario will be the contact person.

j) The Spring travel uniforms were chosen, Howard will be placing the order shortly.

k) Spring coaches meeting will be on Wednesday March 25th.

l) Field clean up day will be Saturday March 28th.

m) In-house league roster due by March 1st.

10. Old business

a) Web site redesign still on going, we will meet with Joshua at a later date to review the site.

b) board manual, Kevin Roane, is still looking for more information for the board manual, including job description of individual board member duties.
c) Risk Assessment: Kevin Roane will put a list together.
d) Fundraiser report: Emily presented the board with several fundraiser ideas.
e) Nancy Silverman fundraiser raised $350.00

f) Emily Glass will be heading up the Sponsors for the spring season.

11: New business:

a) Field Permit: Howard will apply for the permits for the South, Gibbons and Dawe school.

b) Picture night: we will try for either April 28th or may 5th. Mario will contact the School department and the picture company; will have the information by the next board meeting.

c) Nocera’s fundraiser will be changed to the fall season.

d)Papa Ginos Fundraiser, will be on May 12th, Mario will coordinate this event.

e) Discussion took place regarding a parent’s email to a coach regarding the placement of where their child was placed for the spring season.

e) Motion made to donate one free soccer registration, for next fall, to be part of the silent auction event to benefit the Dawn school.
Motion by Kevin Roane, second by Kevin Hickey
Approved 7 to 1.


11. Meeting adjourned at 10:25 PM, next Meeting March 3rd, 2009.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Mario Ramos