Field cleanup this saturday

With little more than one week remaining before the start of the Fall 2012 season, SYSL will be cleaning up and preparing the Kolz Complex this weekend.Volunteers are welcome to join in on Saturday at 9am and stay as long as they like. If you’re a late riser or have a morning errand, swing by a little later and you may still get to help out.

In addition to completing the installation of a new fence to keep balls–and kids–out of the sloping woods behind Fields 2 and 3, lines need to be marked on each field and some brand new netting will be put on frames. Other general cleanup and prep work also needs to be done. With plenty of hands, we can get everything done pretty easily.

We’ll also be opening the equipment swap. Here’s how it works: look through the swap box for cleats that fit your player. If you find some, drop in a dollar or your players own gently used cleats and enjoy the season! Not only is it a great way to save money, it cuts down on the waste of throwing away hardly used equipment. Kids grow fast!

Of course kids are welcome to come, either to help out or just goof around with each other and a soccer ball. Cleanup day is a great way to meet other kids in the league and maybe run into your coach or teammates for the upcoming season.

We understand everyone is busy and it is a holiday weekend. But if you can spare a little time and elbow grease, it would go a long way toward getting things ready for the kids.

Hope to see you there.