January 06, 2009

SYSL Board of Directors Meeting
January 6, 2008
7:30 PM1. Meeting called to order.

2. Attendees:
Steven Hunt Mario Ramos Kevin Roane
Lisa Buckley Lorraine Paukner Howard Finer
Emily Glass Kevin Hickey Joanne Gately

Absent: Pat Passi


3. Review minutes from 12/9/08 meeting.
Corrected item #4 misspelling of the word Treasurer’s report.
Motion by Lorraine second by Lisa
Approved 8-0
4. Registrars report:
Lisa presented the board with a package listing the total number of registered players and breakdown by age group.
Motion to accept registrars report made by Emily, second by Kevin Roane
Approved 8-0

5. Treasurer’s report

We have about 30k in the checking account; we already paid over 6k to the South Shore league for the Spring 2009.

Motion to accept treasures report by Steve, second by Mario
Approved 8-0.

6. Concession Stand
There is still one computer monitor there that needs to be picked up.
There is a hot dog Machine on sale at J C Penny for 99.99. Julie will discuss this with Grace. If they agree that it’s a good idea to purchase the board will support this purchase. Motion by Mario, second by Kevin Hickey.
Approved 8-0

7. SSSL report
Howard has received the preliminary Field schedule for the spring travel game.
Rosters are due to Nancy by 1/15/2009
8. Spring 2009 season
a) Brian Donahue head coach girls u-12 girls 3rd team.
Motion made by Emily, second by Kevin Roane
Approved 8-0

b) Kellie Jarasitis Head coach U-10 boys 3rd team
Motion made by Mario, second Kevin Hickey
Approved 8-0

c) U-12 boys, 15 paid players, no cuts need to be made, kids on waiting list, will be offered the chance to play in the U-14 2nd team.

Michael Fitzgerald assistant coach to the U-12 boys team.
Motion made by Steve, second by Emily
Approved 8-0
d) U-14 boys 25 kids signed up, we will still try to add a second team.
Joey Cardoso assistant coach U-14 boys first team.
Motion made by Steve, second by Emily.

e) U-14 Girls division is now closed.
f) U-18 boys, not enough for a team yet, coaches need to recruit additional players.
Motion made to make David Hoffman assistant coach
Motion made by Steve, second by Emily.
Approved 8-0

g) The following division the roster can now be released:
U-10 Girls
U-12 Girls
U-14 Girls
U-16/18 Girls
U-12 Boys
U-16 Boys
U-18 boys
The following division will not be released at this time.
U-10 boys
U-14 Boys

Motion made by Steve, second by Mario
Approved 8-0

9. Old Business
a. Web site redesign

The voting on whom will redesign the web site was tabled, Joshua Correia will come back and answer any additional questions and concerns that the board has in regards to his last meeting with us. Lisa Buckley will try to book a room at the library so that Joshua can come back and do his presentation again.

Motion by Steve, second by Emily
Approved 8-0
b. New LOGO contest.

Steve will send it out to the printer.

c. Board Manual

Kevin Roane, still gathering information for the board manual.

d. Fundraiser

Nothing to report at this time.
10. New business
a. Discussion regarding a player U-5 last Fall that was moved up to the u-6 division, none of us were even aware of this. The mother wanted the child now moved to the U-8 division. This is not allowed per a parents request, the only way this is ever done is if a coach or a board member believes the player is ready to be moved then its brought to the board attention and voted on. In this case the child will have to stay in the U-6 division.

b. We will for the first time, take money from the checking account and place it in a savings account.
Motion made by Kevin Hickey to place $10,000 dollars in the savings account, second by Lisa,
Approved 8-0

c. Opening season Festivities

Emily Proposed having some type of opening day event, we will work on getting something done, Mario will contact the breakers to see if they could send one of their players for this event.

11. Meeting adjourned at 9:35 PM, next Meeting February 3rd, 2009.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Mario Ramos