January 5th, 2010 meeting minutes

SYSL Board of Directors Meeting

January 5, 2010

7:30 PM

1. Meeting called to order.

2. Attendees:


Kevin Berkowsky Mario Ramos Lisa Buckley

Lorraine Paukner Howard Finer Emily Glass

Jay Anderson Joanne Gately Steve Hunt

Kevin Roane

3. Reviewed minutes From December 1st meeting.

Motion by Howard to accept the minutes. Second by Steve

Unanimously approved

4. Registrar’s report

Lisa Buckley presented the board the latest figures for the spring 2010 registration, 320 kids signed to date.

Motion to accept registrar’s report by Steve, second by Kevin Roane.

Unanimously approved

a. Motion by Mario to put a ¼ page add on the Pennysaver and to make flyers to be passed out throughout the schools. Second by Emily.

Unanimously approved

5. Treasurer’s report

$10,090.19 in the savings account, $27,310.37 in the checking account, total $37,400.56. All bills up to date, There are still several unpaid fall sponsors.

Joanne has contacted a lot of the sponsors; most of them claim they have not received the invoice.

It is now ok to pass out the plaques.

Tax filings are all set.

Motion to accept treasurer’s report by Steve, second by Lorraine.

Unanimously approved.

6. Field Report:

a. Howard has taken the rest of the paint home; Mario had already taken 9 cases of white paint.

b. 12 New funnel goal nets need to be ordered, Steve will place an order.

c. New tire tubes received.

7. Concession report:

Nothing to report at this time.

8. SSSL Report:

Photos and all roster information due to Lisa by 1/15/10, they are due to SSSL 2/1/10.

9. TOPSsoccer Report:

Nothing to report

10. Spring 2010:

a.U14 boys division

There are 4 kids on the waiting list, from the kids on the current roster, still missing 3 photos.

Motion made to give those spots to the kids on the waiting list if photos not received by Sunday 1/10/10. Motion by Steve, second by Emily.

Unanimously approved

b. U10 boys

Motion by Kevin Roane to make Ed Monahan U-10 3rd team head coach and Sean Gallagher, head coach of the second team. Second by Steve.

Unanimously approved

c. U14 Girls

Motion by Mario to make Ricardo Ponce De Leon, assistant coach U14 girl’s second team. Second by Steve.

Unanimously approved

d. Motion by Howard to release roster as of 1/15/2010. Second by Steven.

Unanimously approved

e. In-house division schedule

Tops 12:30

U-5 and U-8 boys 12pm

U-6 1:30pm

U-8 girls 3pm

Motion by Lisa, second by Emily.

Unanimously approved

f. Uniform vendor

Camelot Entreprise gave us a new quote for the travel uniforms, with three color logo, kit 29.00 and 6.50 for the T-shirts.

Motion by Kevin Roane to give the business back to Camelot, second by Emily.

Unanimously approved

g. Spring travel Sponsors

Travel sponsors need to be presented to SSSL by February 1st 2010 for approval.

11. Old Business:

a. Sports pilot, still issues with electronic checks.

b. Photo gallery on going.

c. Noceras fundraiser will be done in April.

d. Picnic tables, tabled to next meeting

e. Soccer plus F C Y-SAT assessment. Dave Newbury will be a guest at the next board meeting and will present the F C Y-SAT assessment.

f. Emily has completed the grant application; we will be notified by March 8th.

g. Winter coaches meeting being planned for February.

12. New business:

a. Discussion took place regarding the purchase of kick speed radar, the cost is $100.00.

Motion made by Mario to purchase one, second by Lorraine.

Unanimously approved

b. Cid Correia and the PNC will be hosting three poker tournaments in 2010. The proceeds from these tournaments need to be shared with nonprofit organizations and PNC has asked SYSL if we would be interested in being one of the recipients.

Motion by Mario second by Steve to be one of the recipients.

Unanimously approved

c. New SYSL patches will be ordered, Steve Hunt will place the order.

d. SYSL/Revolution partnership. Check for $277.00 was received, due to the amount of tickets that were sold for the SYSL soccer night at Gillette Stadium. Check was given to treasure.

e. Discussion took place regarding purchasing 3 Microsoft office software at $100 each.

Motion by Lorraine to purchase 3, second by Mario.

Unanimously approved

d. SYSL will donate one registration to be raffled at the West school fair.

Motion by Lorraine, second by Mario

Unanimously approved

13. Next meeting Tuesday February 2nd, 2010

14. Meeting adjourned.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Mario Ramos