July 7, 2009


SYSL Board of Directors Meeting

July 7, 2009

7:30 PM


1.      Meeting called to order.


2.      Attendees:


      Stephen Hunt              Mario Ramos             Lisa Buckley                

Lorraine Paukner        Howard Finer             Emily Glass               

Kevin Hickey             Kevin Roane              Naomi Leon

      Joanne @7:50PM


Guest: Jay Anderson




3.      Reviewed minutes From the June 17 meeting.

Amend # 10 to read TOPS and #14 C to Read “ STEVEKPHOTOGRAPHY”


Motion by Lisa, second by Lorraine

Approved 8 to 0



4.      Registrar’s report

  393 registered to date for the 2009 fall season.


Motion to accept the registrar’s report  by Emily, second by Steve.

      Approved 8 to 0    



5.      Treasures report


Joanne presented the board with the leagues balance sheet.  $10,065.72 in the savings account and 27,438.37 in the checking account for a total of $37,504.09.

Net income so far from 8/1/08 to 7/1/09 $213.73


Motion to accept treasure’s report made by Steve, second by Kevin Roane

Approved 9 to 0



6.      Field Report

  1. Field 3 has been seeded
  2. Kick wall pulley not done yet
  3. The broken pipe has been repaired


7.      Concession Stand report:

  Kevin Roane will be putting in some ant traps.


8.      SSSL Report

A letter was received from Sheldon Epstein regarding the spring season.  Five teams from South shore made it to MTOC.



9.      TOPS Soccer

Nothing new to report


10.  Old Business

  1. Kevin Roane wants to have the Board manual completed by the end of the month.  Needs all information as soon as possible.
  2. Food license renewal already came in.
  3. SHS captains decided not to use our fields for captain’s practice did not agree to our terms.
  4. Sports pilot electronic check, still ongoing, we are waiting for the paper work.
  5. Juggling club-Emily presented the board some information regarding the juggling club.
  6. Motion made to change picture company to stevekphotography for the Fall 2009 season.

Motion by Steve, second Emily.

Approved 8-0

Mario Abstained


  1.  There are still a few sponsor plaques to distribute.







11.  Fall 2009 season

  1. Coordinators:

U-5 Lorraine Paukner

U-6 Lisa Buckley

U-8B Jay Anderson

U-8G Naomi Leon

U-10B Joanne Gately

U-10G Kevin Ronae

U-12B Howard Finer

U-12G Emily Glass

U-14B Howard Finer

U-14G Mario Ramos

U-16/U18 Steve Hunt


Motion to accept above coordinators, made by Steve, second by Lisa.

Approved 9 – 0


b. U10 boys 4 teams, cap at 44, max per team 11.

An email will be sent out to see who wants to participate in the travel team.  Everyone must play in the in-house league. Travel is optional.


In-house coaches:

Fernando Melo (H)

Jay Anderson    (H)

John Vasconcelos ( H)

Jose Semiao           (A)

John Neves           (H)


Motion by Steve, second by Lisa

Approved 9 to 0


c.U-10 Girls 4 teams


In house coaches:

Katie Kashian (H)

Gina O’neil     (H)

Howard Finer   (H)

Michael Widrow (H)


Motion by Steve, second by Emily

Approved 9 to 0


d. U12 Boys, 2 teams

Rob Mitchell coach of the first team

Motion by Emily, second by Steve

Approved 9 to 0


e.U-12 girls 3 teams


1st team: Emily Glass (H)

              Kevin Roane (A)



3rd team : Chuck Sullivan


Motion to accept U-12 coaches by Steven, second by Lorraine.

Approved 7 to 0.

Emily and Kevin Roane abstained.


We will ask Luis Monteiro to be the U-12 girls 2nd coach. 


f.U14 boys: one team


 Dave Schulze  (H)

Luis Monteiro   (A)


Motion made by Lisa, second by Hickey.


Approved by a vote on 8 to 1


Mario brought to the attention of the board, that Luis will not be interested coaching with Dave.  Mario will call Luis to confirm.


  1. U14 girls: 2 teams


William Mace (H)

Mario Ramos   (H)

Brian Donahue  (A)


Coaches to be assigned to each team after tryouts.


Motion to accept above by Steven, second by Lisa.

Approved 8 to 0.

Mario abstained.


  1. U16/U18 tabled for next meeting.   



  1. U-5 Division 8 teams of 6


Christopher Cesario

Cari-Ann Dufresne


Motion by Lorraine, second by lisa

Approved 9 to 0.


  1. U-6 division 8 teams of 6

      Dan Roos (H)

      Bert Durand (H)

      Robert Boyer(H)


     Michael Hoover (A)

     Rich Pearl          (A)

     Linda Pestana    (A)


Motion by Mario, second by Emily

Approved 9 to 0



  1. U-8 boys, 8 teams


Cari-Ann Dufresno (H)

Bob Fishman  (H)

Ya Khang      (H)

Naomi Leon   (H)

Lisa Buckley  (H)

Bill Doolin     (A)

Michael Akikie(A)


Motion by Emily, second by Steve

Approved 7 to 0.  Lisa and Naomi abstained.


  1. U-8 girls, 8 teams


Lisa Buckely (h)

Christopher Cesario (H)

Katie Kashian (H)

Bill Mace (H)

Lorraine Paukner (H)

Tony Weir (H)

Rich Pearl (A)

Jeanette Silva/Ford (A)

Stacy Gomes (A)

Lisa Anderson (A)


Motion by Mario second by Steve.

Approved 7 to 0. Lisa and Lorraine Paukner abstained. 



Date of play for in-house:

Week # 1and 2 Saturday 9/12 Jamboree 2 games

Week #3 Saturday 9/26

Week # 4 Saturday 10/3

Week # 5 Saturday 10/10

Week # 6 Saturday 10/17

Week # 7 Saturday 10/24

Week # 8 Saturday 10/31


Motion by Howard, second by Emily

Approved 9 to 0



Week #1(Jamboree times)

U8 Girls and U10 boys 8:30AM and 11:30 AM

U8 Boys and U10 Girls 10AM and 1 PM

U-5 and tops 11:30 AM and 2:30 PM

U-6 10AM and 1PM

U-16/18 2:30 pm



Teams to be created by August 4th.

Coaches meeting September 2nd 2009


Travel season to start September 5th 2009


Teams to be made up by Friday August 7th


Uniforms to be ordered by Sunday August 9th

14. New business:


a. Board member on duty will count the concession stand money at the end of the day.

Motion made by Emily, second by Kevin Roane

Approved 9 to 0


  1. District program practice: After Mario discussed the insurance issues with Rich Braney at Ma youth soccer and has it in writing that the players registered to play district soccer are covered under the massyouthsoccer insurance policy. Motion was made to allow the U-12 and U13 girls team to practice at our fields Kevin Roane, second by Kevin Hickey.

Approved 9 to 0


  1. Annual board member: Mario will contact CLC for an available date in early August.



  1. Breakers tickets: Motion to renew for the 2010 season

Motion by Mario, second by Emily.

Approved 9 to 0


  1.  Light Proposal:  Held a discussion regarding lighting one of the fields.  This was tabled for a future meeting.


  1. There was a request by a parent to have their child a U-8 play down a division.  After a discussion, motion made by Kevin Roane, not to honor this request, second by Emily.

Board voted 9 to 0 not to honor the parent’s request.


15. Next meeting?.


16. Meeting adjourned.


The executive board meet in executive session..



Minutes respectfully submitted by Mario Ramos