June 17, 2009

SYSL Annual Meeting

SYSL Board of Directors Meeting

June 17, 2009

7:30 PM


1.      Meeting called to order.


2.      Attendees:


Joanne Gately              Stephen Hunt              Mario Ramos 

Lisa Buckley                        Lorraine Paukner            Howard Finer

Emily Glass             Kevin Hickey             Kevin Roane

Naomi Leon



Guest: Jay Anderson



3.      Introduction of 2009-2010 Board of Directors

Forty 44 families participated in the elections. The three executive members ran unopposed and were accepted at today’s meeting by the secretary casting a single vote. The members at large that were elected are: Kevin Roane, Lorraine Paukner, Emily Glass, Naomi Leon and Jay Anderson. 


4.      Reviewed minutes From the June 2nd meeting.

Amend # 11 to Kevin Roane still waiting for more information in order to complete the board manual.  Correct #12 ( c ) to read met, instead of meet and #11 ( d) from “ this does not appear that it will work for us”  to “ it seems unlikely that it will work for us”.


Motion made by Lorraine to accept the minutes with the above changes, second by Lisa.

Approved 9 to 0


5.      Registrar’s report

  189 players registered to date for the 2009 fall season.


Motion to accept the registrar’s by Steve Hunt, second by Emily.

      Approved 9 to 0    



6.      Treasures report


Joanne presented the board with the leagues balance sheet.  $10,065.72 in the savings account and 15,237.58 in the checking account for a total of $25.303.30.

All bills paid up to date.

Motion to accept treasure’s report made by Steve, second by Kevin Hickey

Approved 9 to 0



7.      Field Report

a. Kick wall pulley’s have been received; will need to coordinate with Chris Carlow to have the net put up.

B .Depression on field 2, there is excess soil on the side of the new parking lot, we will bring some over to fill in the holes.

c. There was a cracked pipe in the irrigation system, being worked on.




8.      Concession Stand report:

  All refrigerators except for the large one are off.  Soda and water was left in the large refrigerator for the fall season.  All other items have been removed.


9.      SSSL Report

 South shore league playoff winners and second place finishers in the playoffs will be invited to a revolution game and will be recognized at half time.



10.  TOPPS Soccer

Another successful season of TOPPS soccer.   25 kids participated in the program this season.  We will require that for next season that all participants register on line.



11.  Spring 2009

a. Discussion took place regarding the U-8 rankings. Lisa and Lorraine will look to make some changes to the way the ranking are set up for the U6 and U8 division.


b. Mario will follow up Picture Company regarding the Spring 2009 photo CD.




12.  Old business:

a. Please send board manual information to Kevin Roane

b. Food license application will be sent in to town hall.


c. High School division: The board review the guidelines in which the high school division will have to follow in order to use our fields for the captains practices. A waiver will have to be signed by the parents. 


Motion made to allow the high school division to use our fields with the agreement that they will follow all guidelines presented to them. Motion made by Emily, second by Kevin Roane.

Accepted 9 to 0


d. MLS camps: Steve will be sending an email out to all members for feedback regarding the MLS camps coach.


e. Sports pilot electronic check processing: Howard and Joanne are working it.


F. Juggling club: Emily and Lorraine will work on setting up the juggling club program.



14. New business:

a. Mario will be sending out several blast emails over the next couple of days reminding people to sign up prior to the registration deadline.  In addition, SYSL will host 2 more sign up days at the Kolz complex on Thursday June 25th and Monday June 29th from 5:30 to 7PM.


b. Emily is trying to get a projector from her company.


c. Steve from STEVEHOTOGRAPHY will be coming to Stoughton to show us their product.  Mario and other board members will meet with Steve.


d. Mario will send a blast email regarding Saturday morning pick up games, run by Rob Mitchell at the Gibbons school.  This is not affiliated with SYSL.


15. Next meeting Tuesday July 7th.


16. Meeting adjourned.


Minutes respectfully submitted by Mario Ramos