June 2 , 2009

SYSL Board of Directors Meeting
June 2, 2009
7:30 PM 

1. Meeting called to order.

2. Attendees:
Kevin Roane Mario Ramos Naomi leon
Kevin Hickey Lorraine Paukner Lisa Buckley
Howard Finer Joanne Gately Emily Glass

Absent: Steve Hunt



3. Review minutes from the May 6th meeting.
Correction made to item # 8b spelling error from brittle to Brita and #10 from toppsoccer to TOPsoccer

Motion to accept by Lorraine, second by Lisa

Approved 8 to 0

4. Registrar’s report
So far there are 81 players registered for the fall season.

Motion to accept registrar’s report by Emily, second by Naomi Leon.
Approved 8 to 0.

5. Treasurer’s report:
All bills paid up to date except for sports pilot. $10,000.00 in the savings account and $18,872.73 in the checking account, for a total of $28,872.73.

Motion to accept treasures report made by Kevin Hickey, second by Lorraine
Approved 8-0

6. Field Report:

a. The pulleys came in; Howard will be picking up additional parts, once he gets them Chris Carlow will come down with the bucket truck to repair them.
b. Broken glass behind the kick wall needs to be cleaned up.


7. Concession stand

There are ants in the concession stand and hornets in the mailbox; Kevin Roane will address this issue.
8. SSSL report:

a. The friendship tournament cost SSSL about 15K.

b. Yellow cards are up, reds are down

c. .

d. Several issues and complaints regarding the sizes of the fields and or nets.

e. Fall season will be an 8 week season, rosters are due two weeks prior to the season, only Id cards for the coaches, players do not need them. Each town will assign the referees but the pay out has been assigned by SSSL, $25.00 for small-sided games, and $35 for full size fields. The fee per team is $40.00

c. Proposed rule changes will be reviewed at the next meeting and voting will take place in the fall
9. TOPsoccer

Nothing to report.


10. Spring 2009

a. The board briefly discussed an issue brought up by another coach regarding the conduct of the players on Luis and Joe Cardoso’s team, after further discussion, it was not an issue.
b. The board also briefly discussed a recent issue brought up regarding coach John DelValle, board members even attended some of his games, it was determined that the issued had no merit.

c. The U8 and U6 will continue to follow the same practice schedule and will be allowed to practice at the Kolz complex until the end of the spring season.
d. The coach’s appreciation party will be on Friday June 12 at 6:30 the menu will include Pizza, watermelon and deserts. There will be no gifts given out to the coaches this season.

e. Due to rainouts, the week 7 of the spring season will be played on Monday June 8th, and Wednesday June 10th.

f. Jeannette Silva to assist Bo Queeney u-6 division
Motion by Lisa, second by Mario
Approved 8 to 0

g. Spring volunteer of the season award
Motion made by Mario for Florbela Melo and Michael Widrow, to purchase a jacket for each. Second by Lorraine, approved 8 to 0

h. Motion by Mario to purchase Daniel Turner (MLS coach) a Stoughton youth soccer jacket. Second by Kevin Roane, approved 8 to 0

11. Old business

a. Kevin Roane still waiting for more information in order to complete the board manual..
b. Discussion took place regarding allowing the High school team to use our fields for Captains practices, at this time only the boys teams have asked for permission. After discussing the issue with Mass Youth soccer, in order for these players to be insured, each player would have to be registered through MYSA and only those registered would be allowed to use the fields, in addition and adult that is also registered and insured through MYSA would have to be present during the practice to check in every player. Mario, Emily and Kevin Roane, indicated that they would be willing to take turns once a week at a specific time to oversee their practices.

A motion was made by Mario, to have a set of rules put together, then these rules would be reviewed by the board at the next meeting. Once the list is put together, the board will vote on it and if approved it will be presented to the high school players. Permission to use the fields will only be granted if they agree to meet all our rules and if any are ever broken, the agreement becomes void. Kevin Roane will work on putting the list together. This motion was second by Emily and approved 8 to 0.
12. New Business

a: Motion to purchase 2 sets of the MLS camps books.
Motion by Mario second by Kevin Roane approved 8 to 0

b. MLS camps for the Fall 2009, some board members will be meeting with Terry Gordon shortly to discuss the possibility of having MLS camps involved in some capacity this fall.

c. Darren Benedict, met with Howard, Steve and Mario, he is interested in helping out with our league. Steven Hunt will be meeting with Darren again.
d. SYSL has been asked to work at one of the Gillette stadium concession stand in order to raise money for the league. It seems unlikely that it will work for us, will be discussed again at a later date.

e. Online store was discussed, with Sports Pilot keeping 5% of the total sale, motion to use this service made by Joanne, second by Emily.
Approved 8 to 0
f. Length of the board meeting was briefly discussed the only other option is to have two meetings a month; it appears everyone is ok with leaving as is.

g. Discussion took place to purchase 2 cheap laptops in order to help out with registration at the fields; it would make it easier for families to register at the fields during games. The laptops could be brought outside to ease registration and congestion in the concession stand. Motion by Mario, second by Emily.
Approved 8 to 0


13. Next meeting, Wednesday June 17th.
14. Meeting Adjourned.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Mario Ramos