June 8th meeting minutes

SYSL Board of Directors Meeting

June 8, 2010

7:30 PM

1. Meeting called to order.

2. Attendees:


Kevin Berkowsky Mario Ramos Lisa Buckley

Lorraine Paukner Howard Finer Emily Glass

Jay Anderson Joanne Gately Kevin Roane

Steve Hunt

Guest: Seamus Fennesey

Shauna Willy

3: Review minutes from May 10 meeting.

Motion to accept minutes by Steven, second by Emily.

Unanimously approved

4: Registrar’s report

113 players registered to date for the fall 2010 season.

Motion to accept registrar’s report by Steve, second by Emily.

Unanimously approved

5.Treasurer’s report

a. $10,090.19 in the savings account, $9,840.10 in the checking account, total $19,930.29. All bills up to date, There are still several unpaid spring sponsors.

Motion to accept treasurer’s report by Steve, second by Emily.

Unanimously approved.

6. Field Report

a. Fields look good, field 1 and 2 were seeded

b. Sprinkler system is up and running field 1 and 2 starts at 9PM, field 3 at 8am.

c. Mr. McLaughlin and James Wagner will be coming down this Thursday to make some repairs to the back parking lot

d. Graffiti has been cleaned up by Kevin Berkowsky.

e. Broken pulley, Chris Carlow will be coming down with the bucket truck to repair it.

6. Concession report

Roof needs to be repaired, Howard spoke to a representative of Sherwin Williams, the primer would cost about $49 dollars, rust treatment $9.00 and finisher $36.00.

7. SSSL Report

a. Playoff schedule has been posted. Stoughton has 4 teams in the playoffs. Dave Schulze U-14 boys, Chuck Sullivan U-12 girls, Steve Hunt U18 girls, Mitchell U-12 boys.

b. Proposed by-law changes

1. VP will approve reschedules

2. VP will oversee all coordinators

3. All executive members must abstain from all votes dealing with their own town.

c. Proposed Rules changes

1. If division does not have enough teams to qualify for MTOC, the division 1 runner up would make it to MTOC

2. Division 1 and 2 if division has less than 5 teams, only top 2 teams will make the playoffs.

3. If a division has 11 or more teams, 6 teams will make the playoffs.

The above will be voted at the SSSL September meeting.

8. TOPSsoccer Report

Nothing to report at this time.

9. Spring 2010 season

a. Mary Roane has been chosen as spring 2010 volunteer of the season.

Motion by Mario to present her a Stoughton youth soccer blanket, second by Steve.

Approved 8 to 0, Kevin Roane abstained from vote.

10. Fall Season

a.U-10 boys and girls must play in-house, travel optional.

b.U-12 and U-14 travel only.

c. High school division in-house only

c. season schedule:

9/11 two games Jamboree except U-5 only 1 game (week 1 &2)

9/25 week #3

10/2 week #4

10/9 week #5

10/16 week #6

10/23 week #7

10/30 week #8

No games on the week of 9/18, 11/6 rain date

Motion to accept fall schedule by Steve, second by Mario.

Unanimously approved

d. Picture night 9/21

Motion by Mario, second by Lorraine.

Unanimously approved

e. Mario will follow up with PNC to see if its available for the coaches meeting on Monday 8/30

f. Discussion took place regarding fall 2010 professional training due to time constraints; we will only hold it for four weeks.

Motion to hold if for 4 weeks by Steve, second by Mario.

Unanimously approved

g. Steve presented the board a new uniform t shirt packaged. $16.00 includes t-shirt, shorts and socks, with sponsor and uniform number in the back, large logo on the front. Steve will be gathering additional information.

11 Old Business

a. Noceras fundraiser Tuesday 9/14.

b. Modells program $5.00 gift certificate given out to each player.

c. Friendly fundraiser, Kevin Berkowsky will be following up with new contact at Friendly, prior contact no longer works there.

d. Poker tournament at PNC, July 6th and July 22nd. Mario and Howard will work the July 6th night and Emily will work the 7/22 night.

12: New Business

a. 2010 Board of directors elections.

Executive board:

President: Mario Ramos

Vice pres: Steve Hunt

Treasurer: Joanne Gately

Registrar: Lisa Buckley

Secretary: Lorraine Paukner

Members at Large:

Jay Anderson

Howard Finer

Emily Glass

Seamus Fennesey

Shauna Willy

The entire slate ran unopposed, SYSL secretary Mario Ramos, casted one vote to approve above members.

b. SYSL on line store

Brian Freedman has some ideas of items that can be sold with the SYSL logo on it. Including soccer balls and scarfs. Steve Hunt will also be giving Myles a list of items that we would like to see on the web site, including Umbrellas and chairs.

c. Sponsor signs- discussion took place about reward companies with a free sign based on the help that they have given SYSL, it was decided that it will be a case by case situation which will be addressed at a later date as the need arises.

d. Family max

Motion by Mario for a two season family max discount, the charge will be $490 for both seasons. Second by Lorraine.

Unanimously approved

e. Goalie Jerseys

We need to collect the goalie jerseys; Mario will send email to all the coaches.

f. Uniroyal will once again be donating soccer balls this fall.

g. Breakers /Stoughton youth soccer night

Motion by Mario to purchase 20 tickets to the 7/18 breakers game, second by Joanne.

Unanimously approved

h. Next meeting Wednesday July 7, 2010.

13. Meeting Adjourned

Minutes respectfully submitted by Mario Ramos