March 2013 Board Meeting Minutes

SYSL Board Meeting

March 5, 2013

Stoughton Police Station


Roll call–Mario, Lorraine, Joanne, Seamus, Brian, Jay, Howie and Bert were present. Lisa was not present


Review of minutes–Correct time of next meeting. Motion to accept made by Lorraine, seconded by Jay. Unanimous vote to approve.


Registrar’s report–Lisa’s report being given by Lorraine. Two u10 boys have two players to be placed. 456 registrations total.

Motion made by Joanne, seconded by Jay to accept the report. Unanimous vote to approve.


Treasurer’s Report

–printed account submitted by Lorraine. Found to be in order.

–Unpaid sponsors reviewed.

Motion by Joanne, seconded by Jay to accept report. Unanimous vote to approve.


Field report

–Field clean up day–March 23

–Need to turn on water before March 23.

–Mario to order paint and corner flags after checking prices at Franklin Paint.

–U10 nets purchased and delivered.


Concession report–STILL no mice.


SSSL Report

–Friendship tournament now called the Friendship Games. Being held in Raynham. All teams will be mixed.

–Mandatory coaches meeting being held for ALL travel coaches. All coaches have to attend either:

–Thursday, March 14 at South Shore Christian Academy in Weymouth, 45 Broad Street;

7pm for u10, 8:30pm for u12 and above


–Saturday, March 16 at Holy Cross Church on Purchase Street in Easton;

8:30am for U10, 10am for u12 and up.

–Uniforms have to be uniform.

–Referee meetings are March 9.

–Each team will get a laminated and non-laminated roster. Registrar will have a paper copy of each roster. Copies are to be made from paper copies, not laminated copies.

–SYSL is looking for place to host tournament quarterfinals at the Kolz Fields. Semi finals and finals will be held in Bridgewater.

Motion to accept report by Lorraine, seconded by Jay. Unanimous vote to approve.


TOPSoccer Report–Jen using same time slot as previous season.



Spring ’13 Season

–Record email vote coaches/other votes

–Update on travel team uniforms

–In-house teams created

–Sponsor update–Still need more house and travel sponsors.

Motion by Joanne, seconded by Lisa to lower the price of a banner from $200 per season to $100. $150 for two seasons. Unanimous vote to approve.

–Practice permit has not arrived yet.

–Safety kits for travel coaches will be ordered

–Game balls. Need to see how many we have and how many we’ll need.

–Team weeks to start next week.


Old business

–2013 SYSL night at Gillette stadium is May 11.

–Spring coaches meeting to be held Tuesday, March 19 at the CLC at 7:30.


New business

–Fall registration–turning on after first game of spring season.

–Breakers tickets–not doing season tickets.

–Nomination committee–Howie, Bert, Lorraine nominated for committee. Motion by Mario, second by Seamus. No opposition.

–Fundraiser discussed.

–Coaches shirts–we have plenty.

–Travel jerseys Fall 2013. Lack of sponsors. Should we go to a process where travel players buy their own kits? If they outgrow them, they buy a new one. Cuts out need for sponsors and makes it easier to do uniform orders every year.

–Picture night–May 7 and October 1.


Motion to adjourn by Lorraine, seconded by Joanne. Unanimous vote to approve.


Next meeting to be held Tuesday, April 2at 5:30pm.