March 2nd, 2010 meeting minutes


SYSL Board of Directors Meeting

 March 2 2010

7:30 PM

  1. Meeting called to order.


  1. Attendees:


      Kevin Berkowsky       Mario Ramos              Lisa Buckley               

Lorraine Paukner         Howard Finer              Emily Glass                

Jay Anderson              Joanne Gately             Kevin Roane

Absent: Steve Hunt

Guest: Mike Shumsker ( N E Revolution Representative)

            Helena Kavanagh ( Lea Sophia representative)

3:  Mike Shumsker from the N E Revolution presented the board with information regarding the upcoming Revolution season, and the 2010 Youth soccer Partnership.

4: Helena Kavanagh offered the board to coordinate a fundraiser with the 20% of the total sales going to Stoughton Youth soccer.

5: No minutes to review at this time.

  1. Registrar’s report

Lisa Buckley presented the board the latest figures for the spring 2010, 450 kids registered to date.

Motion to accept registrar’s report by Joanne, second by Emily.

 Unanimously approved

  1. Treasurer’s report
  1. $10,090.19 in the savings account, $21,188.86 in the checking account, total $31,279.05.  All bills up to date, There are still several unpaid fall sponsors.


Motion to accept treasurer’s report by Mario, second by Lorraine.

Unanimously approved.

  1.  Motion to write off unpaid fall sponsorship money for Beansprout by Joanne, second by Lorraine.

Unanimously approved

  1. Issue with the post office, Howard has spoken to the postmaster. It appears that there have been so many complaints that have triggered an audit.


  1.  Field Report
    1. Paint
    2. Funnet nets
    3. Sandbags

             Above items were tabled for next month

  1. Concession report

Nothing to report at this time.

  1. SSSL Report

a.Mass Youth soccer has put together a flyer that goes over soccer terminology.  This information can be found on the Mass youth soccer website.

b. Paul Golden, has been chosen as administrator of the year.

C   The Weymouth field (Talbot fields) will be closed this season

  1. Schedules are out for Sprint 2010 season, but due to several add on teams, there have been several changes.
  2. All reschedule must be sent in by April 1, 2010.
  3. Referee meeting March 21st, in Holbrook
  4. Information regarding District soccer will be going out late March.
  5. The friendship tournament will be held in Raynham, they will be mixing the teams.
  6. There are 56 U-10 boys teams and 75 U-10 girls. There will also be a mandatory U-10 meeting in E Bridgewater at 7PM at the E B Middle School.            


10.  TOPSsoccer Report

Tops registration are now on line.  The season will start on April 25th and will last for 6 weeks.  It will be at 12:30.

11.  Spring 2010 season

            a. Recorded email coach votes

U-10 Girls 4th team

Naomi Leon HC

Jay Anderson  AC


Team #1 Ray Berry HC Scott Turner AC

Team # 2 Danna Billie HC

Team #3 Christopher Cesario HC

Team #4 Wayne Daigle HC Alexander Lobrano AC

Team #5 Ben Dufresne HC

Team #6 Greg Johnson HC Ginger Johnson AC

Team #7 John Malley HC Larry Hobbs AC

Team #8 Daniel Mathers HC Michael Paukner AC

Team #9 Maria Nazzaro HC Remy Sablon AC

Team #10 John Perry HC Alissa Porcaro AC


Team 1 Brian Walecka HC

Team #2 Craig Gerome HC Tracy Gerome AC

Team #3 Corey Gillen HC Jennifer Gillen AC

Team #4 Richard Scardina HC

Team #5 Herbert Rosen HC Linda Pestana AC

Team #6 Bert Durand HC Lisa Andrews AC

Team #7 David Sousa HC Kenny Johnston AC

Team #8 David Belmont HC

U-8 Boys

Team #1Lisa Buckley HC Emily Parker AC

Team #2 Ya Khang

Team #3Cari-Ann Dufresne HC Christine Resendes AC

Team #4 Naomi Leon HC Jay Anderson AC

Team #5 Bob Fishman HC

Team #6 Bo Queeney HC John Bangs AC

Team #7 Jean Saint-Hilaire HC

Team #8 Jeffrey Carpenter HC

U-8 Girls

Team #1 Lisa Buckley HC Jean Silva-Ford AC

Team #2 Christopher Cesario HC Sean Carr AC

Team #3 Katie Kashian HC Toni Weir AC

Team #4 William Mace HC

Team #5 Lorraine Paukner HC Daniel Mathers AC

Team #6 Michael Sweeney HC

Team #7 Scott Turner HC Stacy Gomes Ac

Team #8 Rich Pearl HC Enda Flynn AC

Unanimously approved

b. Most of the teams have sponsors, great job by Lorraine in getting most of the sponsors.

c, Travel schedules are on the South Shore website

  1. Travel uniform order has been put in.
  2. We will refund those traveling players that had paid for socks and shorts and the U-18 boy’s team that folded; those players will be getting a refund.
  3. Picture night 4/27
  4. Mass Youth soccer practice schedule

      April session 5 to 6:15 and 6:15 to 7:30PM

      May session 5 to 6:30 and 6:30 to 8PM

  1. Howard will be sending out the practice and game field opening and closing schedule.
  2. The u-10 boys 3rd team still does not have a coach.
  3. Practice permit has been completed by Howard, should be getting it back from the town shortly.
  4. Safety Kits, Joanne will be going to Christmas tree shop to see if they still have them for sale.


11    Old Business

  1.  Electronic checks through Sports Pilot should be up and running shortly.
  2. Noceras Fundraiser will be held late April or early May.
  3. Picnic tables/Bleachers

Emily has looked into picnic tables and presented the board with a quote; if we were to purchase 4 they would be $134each and would also get an additional discount.  Mario will send Emily a copy of our tax id.

Motion made to purchase 4 picking tables by Joanne, second by Lorraine

Unanimously approved

Kevin Roane and Mario Ramos will look into quotes on getting 18 pressured wood 2×10 for the bleachers; will report back at the next meeting.

  1. Winter coaches meeting went well.


  1.  Steve was not present at the meeting to give us the updated on the patches.


  1. Joanne has a stack of player’s birth certificates; she will follow up with coordinators as to who is still missing their birth certificate.  In addion any player that she has a birth certificate for that is too old to play she will have it shredded.


12: New Business

  1. Discussion took place regarding the Lea Sophia Fundraiser that was presented to the board earlier in the evening by Helena Kavanagh.

Motion by Lisa, second by Emily to hold the fundraiser

             Unanimously approved

  1. Discussion took place regarding signing up for the Bronze revolution partnership program that was presented earlier in the evening by Mike Shumsker from the Revolution. Motion by Joanne, second by Lisa

Unanimously approved.

  1. Discussion took place regarding allowing Joey Arienello to practice with the U14 boys team, also will make this offer to the other kids that were cut from the team, to be able to practice for a fee of $25.00 to cover insurance and wear and tear on the field.

Motion by Lorraine, second by Kevin Berkowsky

         Unanimously approved

  1. Fall registration will be turned on April 3rd.

The proposed increase on the registration fee.

U-5 $50.00 / $70 late fee

U-6 and U-8 $80.00 late fee$120.00

U-10 and above $85.00 late fee $125.00

Two season discount, $150.00

Family max $250.00, for those that sign up after the early bird discount date, will not be eligible for the family maximum; the late fee will apply for each player.

Motion by Lisa, second by Emily

Unanimously approved

  1. Nominating committed for next year’s board.


Steve Hunt, Emily Glass and Lorraine Paukner.

  1. Coach’s appreciation night will be held on June 6th.
  2. We will be meeting with the board of selectmen shortly in order to renew the lease on the Kolz soccer complex.


  1. Next meeting Tuesday April 6th.


13.  Meeting adjourned.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Mario Ramos