March 3, 2009

SYSL Board of Directors Meeting
March 3rd 2009
7:30 PM


1. Meeting called to order.

2. Attendees:
Steven Hunt Mario Ramos Kevin Roane
Lisa Buckley Lorraine Paukner Howard Finer
Emily Glass Joanne Gately Kevin Hickey( 10 minutes late)


3. Review minutes from the February 3rd meeting.

Changed item 9A to read, “Change of U16 boys coach, need to find a new U16 boys coach”
Motion made by Steve second by Lorraine
Approved 7-0
4. Registrars report:
Lisa presented the board with the latest figures, we have 422 players signed to date.
Motion to accept registrars report made by Steve, second by Mario
Approved 7-0

5. Treasurer’s report

Joanne presented the board with a detailed package showing our profits and losses. We currently have about 26k in the bank, the savings account has not been open yet. Mario, Steve and Howard need to go to the bank to sign some paper work.

Motion to accept treasurer’s report by Steve, second by Emily
Approved 8-0.

6. Field Report:

a. Bob Fishman will be slice seeding the back portion of field 3, materials will cost about 425.70, equipment will cost about $85 to rent, labor will be free.
Motion made by Steve, second by Kevin Hickey.
Approved 8 to 0

b. Steve will purchase sandbags to be placed on the U-12 nets.

c. Kick wall pulleys will be replaced as soon as the fields dry up enough for Chris Carlow to bring in the bucket truck. Howard is looking into purchasing the pulleys.

7. Concession stand
Discussed purchasing a 8 foot table and a 6 foot table and a step stool
Motion made Joanne second by Steve for Mario to purchase above.
Approved 8 to 0

8. SSSL report:

MTOC draw (there will be wildcards from the U-18 girls division.)
Refereeing meeting Saturday March 21st.
South Shore wants all coaches to promote the South Shore scholarship.
Grade 9 referees are needed for the friendship tournament in Raynham.

Discussion took place regarding the Fall Travel season. One proposal will be to play a 4-week schedule with 2 games on each of those weeks or an 8-week program. Rosters will be flexible.

There will be no U-10 coaches meeting this season.

March 16th meeting is mandatory; Mario, Howard and Steve will attend.


9. Spring 2009

a) Still looking for a U-16 coach, Len Anastasia is willing to help out.

B)U-5 8 teams up to 6 players per team
Robert Boyer
Mafalda Demarino
Brent Durant and Richard Weitsen
Courtney Hunt
Rich Pearl
Richard Scardina
Sean Faria
Dan Roos

Motion by Steve, second by Kevin

C) U-6 division 10 teams of up to 8 players.

Sean Carr H
Christopher Cesario H
Naomi Leon H
Kenneth Mccoll H
Lorraine Paukner H
Bo Queeney H
Rich Rogers H
Stacy Gomes A

Motion to approve the above 7 head coaches and one assistant coach and Lisa will try to find an 8h coach.
Motion by Emily, second by Steve
Approved 8-0

D) U-8 Girls 4 teams up to 10 players
Lisa Buckley and Jasmin
Katie Kashian
Gina O’Neil Head coach Michael Hoover assistant
Bill Mace head coach Michael Widrow assistant

Motion made by Mario, second by Kevin Hickey.
Approved 8 to 0.

E)U-8 boys 6 teams up to 10 players
John vasconcellos (H) Jose Semiao (A)
Roy Gichel (H) Jay Anderson (A)
Lisa Buckley (H)
John Neves (H)
Ya Khang (H) Bob Fishman (A)
Cari-Ann Dufresne (H) James Wagner (A)

Motion by Emily, second Lisa
Approved 8 to 0

F) A change was made to the MLS camp allocation; the first practice will start at 5:30, the second session at 6:30.

G) Season opening festivities will be postponed.

H) Coaches appreciation day will be headed by Joanne Gately.
10. Old business

a) Sports pilot issues( in the process of fixing the family maximum issue.

b) Fundraiser report: The Pretzels sales pamphlets will be coming in shortly.

c) Howard working on getting the field permits

d) Issue with the Chamber of Commerce membership, they did not get our membership fee even though it was mailed in. A new check being sent in.

e) Picture night is all set for April 28th. Application sent in to Margie Tarpey, Joanne will be sending in the payment.

11: New business:


a) Due to Pat’s resignation from the Board, we still have an opening, A few people were asked to join, but all declined.

b) Nomination committee for next year’s board will be Mario, Joanne and Steve.

c) Joanne will look into purchasing Safety kits for the travel teams.

d) Stoughton Youth Soccer and N E Revolution partnership program.
Mario presented the board with this year’s partnership program, similar to last year. We would need to purchase 20 tickets for the opening night game 4/4, 4 tickets to the Coaches night and 4 tickets to the Referee night. We will also do 2 Stoughton Youth soccer nights. If we sell more than 250 tickets, we will get a player to come to our fields.

Motion made by Mario, second by Kevin Roane
Approved 8-0.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Mario Ramos