May 10th Meeting minutes

SYSL Board of Directors Meeting

May 10 2010

7:30 PM

1. Meeting called to order.

2. Attendees:


Kevin Berkowsky Mario Ramos Lisa Buckley Steve Hunt

Lorraine Paukner Howard Finer Emily Glass

Jay Anderson Joanne Gately Kevin Roane

3. Review minutes from April 6th meeting.

Motion by Lisa to accept Meeting minutes, second by Emily.

Unanimously approved

4. Registrar’s Report: No minutes to review at this time.

20 kids signed to date

E-check is working


5. Treasurer’s report

a. $10,090.19 in the savings account, $9,976.33 in the checking account, total $20.066.52.

Motion to accept treasurer’s report by Lorraine, second by Lisa.

Unanimously approved.

6. Field Report

a. Fields look fine

b. Kevin Roane and Brian Freedman finished the bleachers

c. Need to mark the bench areas, so that Bob Fishman can dig the holes.

7. Concession report

Nothing to report at this time.

8.SSSL Report

a. There will be a mid August assignor’s course.

b. All travel make up games must be played by May 30th.

c. Playoffs can only be rescheduled due to school functions.

d. Referees only need to report serious fouls.

9.TOPSsoccer Report

a. Going well 22 kids signed up

b. Kohl’s fundraiser went well, painted the back of the kick wall, picked up 4 bags of trash and raised $1000.00.

10. Spring 2010 season

a. Sponsor bills need to go out.

b. Goalie jerseys need to be collected, they cost a lot of money and several of them are missing.

c. Mid season coaches meeting, nothing to report at this time.

d. Picture night went well.

e. U-8 girls, last game of the season, will be week 2 schedule.

f. Discussion took place regarding a few coaching issues. These were discussed in closed session.

1.U-6 coaching issue

2.U-8 boys coach

3. U12 Girls coach

4. u-10 girls coaching issue at the friendship tournament

g. Recorded email coach votes

1- U-5 John Perry assistant coach to Mike McSweeney.

2. U-6 Brian Melick to Richard Scardina

3. U-8 boys Tony Colafransceso HC

4. U-8 boys Joe Szum to assist Anthony Taglieri

5. Kelli Jarasitis to assist U-8 boys Team #7

Motion to accept the above, by Mario second by Emily.

Unanimously approved

11. Old Business

a. Noceras fundraiser will be held in the fall.

b. Coaches appreciation night/Movie night will be held June 6th, coordinators are Joanne, Howard and Lorraine.

c. Nominating committee- on going

d. Modell’s promotion program – on going

e. Stoughton post

12. New Business

a. Juggling club information needs to be put on the web site.

b. Concession stand roof needs to be repaired; it’s a rubberized roof, which needs to be updated.

c. Friendly’s fundraiser, Kevin Berkowsky, looking into it.

d. Steve will give Myles a list of SYSL items that we would like to offer on the web site store.

e. Mario will send letter to coaches to attend the MA youth soccer run practices, if a coach cannot make, should still encourage players to show up and arrange with another coach to help out with the team.

f. We will no longer follow up with plans to try to install a drainage system between field 2 and 3. This project is not feasible.

g. Mass Youth has changed their provider to GOTsoccer, we will continue with Sports pilot.

h. Motion made to grant the U-14 district 2 to use our fields for their home games by Steve Hunt, second by Mario.

Unanimously approved

i. Request by Ahavath Torah for Fundraiser.

Motion made to place a one page ad on their fundraiser book by Joanne, second by Mario.

Approved 8 to 1.

13.Next meeting Monday June 7th.

14. Meeting adjourned.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Mario Ramos