May 2013 Board of Directors Meeting

SYSL Board Meeting

May 8, 2013



Roll call

Present were Mario Ramos, Joanne Gately, Lisa Buckley, Lorraine Paukner, Bert Durand, Brian Melick, Jay Anderson, Howie Finer and Seamus Fennessey. Colum Kavanagh was introduced and welcomed as a new At Large member of the board. He was appointed by President Mario Ramos to fill a position that had been vacant.


Review of minutes

Motion by Seamus, seconded by Brian to approve the minutes. Vote to approve was unanimous.


Registrar’s report

–Fall registration to open May 18 and close June 30, 9pm. Late registration to close July 31.


–2013 fall Travel uniforms- Puma uniforms 50.50 per kit, guaranteed to be in stock 2.5-3 years. Augusta kit (current) 36-ish. Long discussion ensued about logistics, numbering, pricing, etc.


Motion by Brian, seconded by Colum to proceed with Augusta uniform, ordered through SYSL and fulfilled by We Got Soccer. Vote to approve was unanimous.


Motion by Brian, seconded by Howie to set regular travel registration fees at $95 + $26 for the uniform. Late registration for travel registration to be set at  $135 + $26 for the uniform. Registration fees are level, uniform is discounted off cost by 10. Vote to approve was unanimous.


– There was a discussion about whether the U10 divisions would be travel, in-house or both?

Motion by Lorraine, seconded by Bert, to make u10 all travel. 7 votes in favor,  1 votes against, 1 abstained. Motion passes.


–In-house uniforms–quotes to be generated, discussed at next meeting.


Treasurer’s report

Paper report submitted. Motion by Brian, seconded by Jay, to accept. Vote to approve was unanimous.


Field report

Grass is coming in we’ll. One still a little thin.

Landscaping going well. Discussion was held about the payment schedule with the decision being made to pay once a month during the cutting season.

Fence-posts going in tomorrow.

Old tables–Wagner taking them? Seamus to call and ask. Seamus also to buy new table

Decision was made to donate an old line painting machine that is not being used to Holbrook.



Concession report

No mice reported dead or alive.


SSSL meeting

Mario and Colum attended last meeting. Friendship games were discussed. Rule changes being discussed at next meeting 5/22.


TOPSoccer report

Nothing to report.


Spring 2013

MYS training/clinic feedback: So far, so good. Only issues are with our players not having enough basic skills to compete when they go to travel. Board agreed discussion of improvements to training and skill development should be the focus of a longer discussion in the near future.

Picture night: all went fine


Old business

Nomination committee—Reported that it had some success in seeking candidates, was continuing to publicize need for nominees.

SYSL night at Gillette Stadium–more tickets available

SSL: U12 playoffs to be held at the Kolz Complex 6/8 and 6/9. There will be 12 games on the first day, 8 games on second day. The concession stand will be open to sell food.

Revolution player appearance is June 9.


New business

Prone Foundation donation: We need to send a formal thank you note.


MA Youth Soccer training for the fall: Discussion was held about scheduling sessions for the u6, u8 and u10 divisions. Additional training is difficult because of the lack of sufficient daylight and MYS requirement to do a minimum 2-hour training blocks.


Norfolk mosquito: control to start spraying Memorial Day weekend


Trophy order: Being placed.


Revolution coaches development night. 4 VIP spots. Email blast to be sent to coaches.


Coaches appreciation night–June 7


Raffle winners: April 21, Pam Kelly, April 28, Bert Durand. May 5, Barbara MacDonald.


$200 in remaining gift certificates to Dick’s Sporting Goods was used on soccer balls.


Jake Hoffman memorial soccer tournament. June 16 8-12pm. Games will be 2 twenty minute halves. Sons of Italy donating dinner for everyone. Spectators can buy a tshirt for 20 and get dinner with it.

Motion by Howie, seconded by Lorraine, to allow use of field subject to their securing proper insurance, agreeing to prohibit alcohol, horseshoes and inflatable “bounce houses.” Vote to approve was unanimous.


Motion by Brian, seconded by Jay, to adjourn. Vote to approve was unanimous..


Next meeting scheduled for Wednesday, June 5 at 7:30 pm at the Police Station.