May 6, 2009

SYSL Board of Directors Meeting
May 6th 2009
7:30 PM 
1. Meeting called to order.

2. Attendees:
Steven Hunt Mario Ramos Naomi leon
Kevin Hickey Lorraine Paukner Lisa Buckley
Howard Finer Joanne Gately

Absent: Kevin Roane and Emily Glass

Guest: Matt Vargas and victor

3. Matt and victor, captains of the high school varsity team came to the board to discuss the possibility of using our fields for their Captain’s practices during June and July. After they left the board discussed this at length and decided to get more information before we vote on the issue. We need to find out if this breaks our leasing agreement with the town of Stoughton and the other issue is insurance, since some of the players are not registered with MYSA. This will be discussed at the next meeting.

Motion made by Steve not to allow them to use the field, second by Mario.
One vote in favor of above, 6 votes against the above.


4. Review minutes from the April 7th meeting.
Motion to accept by Kevin Hickey, second by Steve Hunt

Approved 7 to 0

5. Registrar’s report
Very little to report, 456 players signed up for this spring, there are 15 players signed up for the fall 2009 season.

Motion to accept registrar’s report by Lorraine, second by Kevin Hickey.
Approved 7 to 0.



6. Treasurer’s report:
Between our savings account and checking account, we have about 30K in the bank and about 5k in outstanding sponsor money.
Mario will follow up with YD autobody, Howard will check with Honey dew.

Motion to accept treasures report made by Mario, second by Lisa
Approved 7 to 0

7. Field Report:

a. The pulleys have been ordered by Steve to fix the net behind the kick wall.
b. Bob Fishman will be seeding the back of field 3
8. Concession stand
a. Grace, Julie and Joanne still working on getting a hot dog machine.
b. Howard will order a new Britta filter
9. SSSL report:

a. All reschedules must be set up within two weeks of the game..

c. Each town must notify the league of when the game has been rescheduled.
10. TOPsoccer

Going well, there are between 20 and 30 players signed up.


11. Spring 2009

a. Discussion took place regarding the alleged conduct of a travel coach. The allegations were that this coach, while refereeing a game, made some remarks about the quality of play of another Stoughton team. In addition this coach allegedly was making phone calls during one of his games while the game was going on and yelled at some players.

A warning will be given to this coach, Howard will write up the warning and it will be delivered to the coach by Mario.

b. Certain coaches are still not reporting their scores as quick as they should.

c. A discussion took place regarding a U-6 team, coach was away on vacation, and since there was no assistant on the team, a board member ended up taking care of the situation, there was no issue.
d. A discussion took place regarding the drills that were being done for the U-8 and how the kids were getting bored; Mario will talk to Daniel about doing more drills each week, less time for each drill.
e. Coaches appreciation night, June 12(we are looking into getting a T shirt for each coach)

f. Mario will be ordering trophies for U-5 through U-8, under 4 dollars per trophy.

12. Old business

a. Kevin still working on the board manual.
b. Fundraising report – about 350 items were ordered.
c. Bill Mace has been asked to be on the nomination committee for the 2009 SYSL board of director’s election.
d. There will be a coaches game, only coaches can play, kids will not be allowed to play.
e. Equipment swap went very well.
f. Papa Ginos fundraiser will be on 5/12


13. New business:
a. Motion by Mario second by Steve to keep BJ’s card
Approved 7to 0

b. Discussion took place about looking into the possibility of getting another company to do our uniforms.
Motion by Steve, second by Mario.
Approved 7-0

Mario and Steve will inquire with other printing companies.

c. Discussion took place in holding a Texas Road house peanut fundraiser. In order to keep our no peanut policy, a motion was made by Steve not to hold this event, second by Lisa.
7 to 0 in favor of not conducting this fundraiser event.

14. Next meeting, Tuesday June 2nd.
15. Meeting Adjourned.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Mario Ramos