November 3, 2008

SYSL Board of Directors Meeting
November 3, 2008
7:30 PM1. Meeting called to order.

2. Attendees:
Joanne Gately Stephen Hunt Mario Ramos
Lisa Buckley Lorraine Paukner Howard Finer
Emily Glass Kevin Hickey Kevin Roane

Absent: Pat Passi


3. Reviewed minutes From October 7th meeting
Correct item #14 votes should be 8-0 to, amend Mario Ramos to be the coordinator of the U-16 division and Steve Hunt coordinator of he U-18 boys division

Motion to accept by Steve, Second by Lisa
Approved 8 to 0
4. Registrar report

Lisa presented the board with a package, listing the total number of registered players and also a break down by age group. A total of 271 players are currently registered.

Motion to accept registrar’s report by Steve, second by Lisa
Registrar report approved 8 – 0

5. Treasurer’s report

About 40K in the bank. Several sponsor bills are still outstanding and we have a bill for 4K due for Landscaping services.

Motion to accept treasures report by Steve, second by Kevin Roane
Approved 8-0.

6. Field Report
- We will cover both message boards with a tarp. Kevin Roane will work on getting this done. Kevin Hickey will bring down an old pool cover.
- Paint needs to be removed from the shed so that it does not freeze. Mario, Kevin Roane, Lorraine and other board members are going to take a few boxes each.
- Picnic tables need to be put inside the bullpen area.
- The sprinkler system has been winterized
- Bathrooms and concession stand will be winterized after this weeks traveling games.
- Howard has taken the pc’s home, Steve will take one monitor and Mario will take the other.


7. Concession Stand
- Mice issue, Howard will purchase d-con
8. South Shore league

- Steve Hunt will once again be the score reporter
- Howard, will send town information to Mario, at that time, Mario will complete the form and send it to South Shore.
- Placement meeting December 6th at St Josephs church in Holbrook
- South Shore had redone their web site, looks really good; encourage everyone to check it out. All of the forms can now be found there.
- Original roster must be turned in by December first. Including any request for division relief. We need to notify South Shore of any club players,

- Registrars meeting, November 17th, this will take place before the regular South Shore meeting.

- Stoughton has offered our fields for the Friendship tournament. We were the first and only ones so far.

- South Shore will have a fall league in 2009

9. Topps Soccer

Another successful season, trophies were handed out last Saturday Novembers 1st. Four of the kids attended the special Olympics.

10. Fall 08 Season

- Two injuries occurred during the U-14 boys game, where 2 of Sharon players were taken to Norwood Hospital, one via ambulance. They are both doing fine.

11. Spring 2009

-Motion to change U-12 coordinator from Pat to Howard Finer. Motion made by Steve, second by Emily.

Approved 8 to 0

Finalize team counts.
U-10 boys and girls 3 teams each
U-12 Boys 1 team, trying for a second
U-12 girls 3 teams
U-14 girls 1 team
U-14 boys trying for 2 teams
U-16 boys 1 team
U-16/18 boys 1 team
U-18 boys 1 team

U-10 boys ( 3 teams)
First team head coach Fernando, Dave Schulze assistant
Motion by Steve, second by Emily approved 8-0

U-10 boys second team, head coach Bob Fishman
Motion by Steve, second by Emily, approved 8-0

We need a third team coach. Once roster are set up, Mario will recruit one.

U-10 girls ( 3 teams)
First team head coach Kevin Roane
Second team head coach Katie Kashian, assistant Howard Finer
Third team Chuck Sullivan.

Motion made by Steve, second by Mario approved 8-0

U-12 boys
First team head coach, David Schulze

Motion made by Howard, second by Steve approved 8-0

U-12 Girls
First team coach, Emily Glass, assistant Courtney Hunt.
Motion by Steve, second by Lisa
Approved 7-0
Emily Glass abstained

Second team head coach Mario Ramos
Motion by Emily, second by Steve
Approved 7-0
Mario abstained

Need to find a 3rd team coach.




U-14 Boys
Luis Monteiro head coach, Joey Cardoso assistant.
Motion by Howard, second Emily
Approved 8-0
U-14 Girls
Seamus Fennessy Head coach.
Motion by Howard, second by Emily.
Approved 7-0
Steve Hunt abstained
Coaches can start picking their team, but team members will not be notified until early 2009.
12. Old business

a -Sports pilot, some issues with age group being incorrect, being looked into it.

b- web site re-design, Joshua Correia will be asked to attend our next meeting.

c- Joy Liu will be making some changes to the logo, once completed Steve will send it to two companies to get the artwork set up.

d- Papa Ginos fundraiser 11/5, flyers have been sent out again.

f- Coaching, Howard meet with MLS, Howard and Emily already meet with Paul Turner from PT USA

13. New business

The Executive board meet in executive session to review financial assistance.

Meeting adjourn, next meeting Tuesday December 9th.