October 6, 2009

SYSL Board of Directors Meeting
October 6, 2009
7:30 PM

1. Meeting called to order.

2. Attendees:
Stephen Hunt Mario Ramos Lisa Buckley
Lorraine Paukner Howard Finer Emily Glass
Jay Anderson Kevin Roane Joanne Gately

Guest: Kevin Berkowsky

3. a)Naomi Leon resigned from the board.

Motion by Steve to accept Naomi Leon’s resignation, second by Emily.

Unanimously approved

b) Motion by Steve to appoint Kevin Berkowsky to the board and remove him from the guest list to board member. Second by Mario

Unanimously approved

4. Reviewed minutes From the September 1 meeting.
Amend # 7b Old computers will be brought to a recycling center.

Amend #11g to read swap, instead of swamp

Amend #12f to the following: The late fee had made it cost prohibited for some players to sign up. By removing the late fee for 5 days, would allow these players to sign up and not have to cancel the High school division due to low numbers

Motion to approve by Steve Hunt, second by Kevin Roane

Unanimously approved

5. Registrar’s report
Lisa presented the board with the numbers of players registered players to date, there are 115 players registered for Spring 2010 season.

Motion to accept registrar’s report made by Emily, second by Steve.

Unanimously approved

6. Treasures report

Joanne presented the board with the leagues balance sheet. $10,025.23 in the savings account and 26,259.24 in the checking account for a total of $36,284.47.

There are still a few sponsors from the fall season that have not paid yet.
Motion to accept treasure’s report made by Steve, second by Emily
Unanimously approved

7. Field report

a. 12 cases of orange paint were purchase by Steve. He was able to get a free case and two paint wands.

b. Grate cover, near the bleachers between field 2 and 3 need to be tied down.

8. Concession stand report

A pizza oven and another George Forman grill were purchased.

9. South Shore league

a. The fee for U-10 for the Spring 2010 season will be $225.00 per team.
b. South shore league is looking for volunteers to form the discipline committee.
c. South Shore league needs all the towns to send in all their contact information in order to update the information for the spring season.
d. U-8 players, playing in the U-10 division will be placed in the lowest U-10 division.
e. There will be a $50.00 fine for any organization not attending the March 2010 meeting.
f. Any town that wants to put sponsors on their uniforms, need to get it pre approved by the south shore league.
g. All spring make up games, need to be sent to the age administrator and scheduler.
h. In order to apply division relieve for an 11v11 team, must have 13 players on the roster, for 8v8 must have 9 players listed on the roster.
i. Final team roster’s need to be sent to Nancy by 2/1/2010, previously 1/15/2010
j. All towns must have restrooms either at the field or within ¼ of a mile from the fields.
k. A game report must be sent to South shore league within 48 hours for any player that has been sent off.
l. A player suspended for fighting will automatically be suspended for 3 games.
m. On the U-12 division, a goal kick or punt can land anywhere on the field, the indirect free kick rule will no longer apply.
10. TOPScoccer reports
Going well so far, around 14 kids in the program. Jen will be taking a team to the Special Olympics.
11. Fall 2009 season
a. Approved email votes for the following:

Molly turner to play in the U-10 division along with the U-8
Unanimously approved
Michelle Kramer to assist U-12 Girls 3rd team
Unanimously approved

b. Jamboree recap

Kevin Roane indicated that the jamboree needs to be better organized in the future. We will need more volunteers to help out and more supervision in such activities such as the bouncing house.

c. Issue with U-14 Raynham team trash talking with the Stoughton girls. In the future if this happens, the correct procedure is to bring the information to the board, once all the facts are presented, the league president will bring this to the other towns president.
d. Discussion took place regarding an issue on the U-6 division where coaches were on the field and a discussion took place. At this time, there are different stories from both sides. A board member will watch these teams play over the next couple of weeks.
e. MASS youth soccer Feedback has been positive, we will try to have MASS youth soccer run a goalie clinic on 10/18
f. U-12 and U14 travel games in the fall should be 30 minute half’s.
12. Old Business
a. Sports pilot
At this time there is an issue with the family maximum. In addition Joanne is waiting to hear back from sports pilot regarding the electronic check.

b. Mario will order medals for the Fall 2009 season.
c. Juggling club is going well, Patches need to be ordered.
d. Web site-photo Gallery, still waiting for Joshua to help Steve and Kevin Berkowsky with how to set it up.
e. On line store is up
f. Patriot alarm contact list. This was already discussed at the last meeting.
g. Board manual- Kevin Roane presented the board with the leagues first ever board manual. Very well put together and will be very helpful for any new member in the future.

13. New business:

a. Spring travel tryouts- at this time due to the numbers signed up no need for tryouts.

b. Picture night- a few issues with picture night, ran a little behind schedule, in addition, there was some damage done to the flower beds and mulch, in addition the lobby was a little messy after the event. Howard already spoke to the Gibbons school principal. The custodian has taken care of everything.
c. A Revolution player, will be making an appearance at our fields on Sunday 10/11, player and time to be determined.
d. Discussion took place regarding the late fee for a U-12 player; this family won the Dawe school silent auction for a free registration for the Fall 2009 season. Completed registration after the early bird discount period.

Motion by Kevin Roane to waive the late fee.
Second by Emily.

Unanimously approved

*A day after the meeting, Joanne Gately changed her vote to no.
Motion still passed 8 to 1
e. Indoor soccer- Kevin Roane indicated that when coaches are putting teams together for indoor, that coaches need to do a better job of communicating with each other. The U-14 girls first team were sent an email that Emily would like to keep the first team together. Emily will send an email out to the team, to let them know that indoor is not associated with Stoughton Youth soccer and that any player can play for any team that they want to.

f. Selling pink carnation to benefit the Cheryl Flanagan Memorial scholarship.
Motion by Mario, second by Emily
Unanimously approved to purchase 350 carnations.

g. Picnic tables/bleachers- both the tables and bleachers, are beginning to age. We need to start looking into replacing them.

h. School flyers – Kevin Roane will be putting them together. Kevin already received approval from the school department to have them distributed.
i. Keys – To give Rob Mitchell a set of keys for the U-12 nets and also to get a set of keys to Scott Sprague.
Motion by Mario, second by Kevin Roane
Unanimously approved

j. Referee pay list:

Grade 9 referee U-6 and U-8 $12 dollars per game
U-10 $18 dollars per game
Assistant referee $10.00 per game

Grade 8 refereeU-6 and U-8 $15 dollars
U-10 $20 dollars
U-12 $25 dollars
Older referees U-10 $25.00
U-12 $30.00
U-14 with assistant $35.00
U-14 without assistant $45.00
High school division small sided$30.00
High school division full field $45.00
High school division AR $20.00

14. Meeting adjourned, next meeting Tuesday November 3rd.
The executive board meet in executive session..
Minutes respectfully submitted by Mario Ramos