October 7, 2008

SYSL Board of Directors Meeting
October 7, 2008
7:30 PM

1. Meeting called to order.

2. Attendees:
Joanne Gately Stephen Hunt Mario Ramos
Lisa Buckley Lorraine Paukner Howard Finer
Emily Glass Kevin Hickey Kevin Roane

Absent: Pat Passi

Guest: Liz Silva

Liz spoke to the board about her interest in conducting a Pampered Chef fundraiser. 15% of the profit would go to the league. Liz is willing to do all the work; all we need to do is pass the information to SYSL members.

3. Reviewed minutes From September 4 meeting
Motion to accept by Steve, Second by Emily
Approved 8 to 0
4. Registrar report
231 players signed through 10/7.

Motion to accept registrar’s report by Steve, second by Lorraine
Registrar report approved 8 – 0

5. Treasures report

About 36K in the bank. $32,515 in membership fee for the fall season. Most bills paid up to date.

Motion to accept treasures report by Emily, second by Steve
Approved 8-0.

6. Field Report
Water has been turned off on field 1 and 2.
Field #3 was sliced seeded by Bob Fishman.
Sheds are painted with the exception of the trim, at this time only primed, should be completed soon.
Buddy has started working on the second Message board



7. Concession Stand report:
AC unit above the sink, is now working
Motion made for Howard to contact electrician to put another circuit for the Computer monitors.

Motion made by Kevin, second by Steve
Approved 8-0
8. SSSL Report
A South shore representative will be attending our Spring season coaches meeting to review south shore policies including the reschedule policies.

When putting spring roster, Maples, MASC and Super Y players must be identified

South shore also wants each league to promote the South Shore scholarship to all their U-18 players.

At the following SSSL meeting a vote will be taken and if passed a team with more than four club players must now be in division 2A, if 3 2B and 2 2C.

9. TOPPS Soccer
Nothing to report with the exception that the times were changed to 2:30
10. Fall 2008
Motion made by Mario to change to Medals in the fall and Trophies in the Spring.
Second by Steve

Vote accepted 8 -0

Mario to order medals for the Fall season.

11. Spring 2009 Travel
U-10 boys 3 Teams * coordinator: Mario Ramos (tryouts)
U-10Girls 3 Teams * coordinator: Howard Finer ( tryouts)
U-12 boys 2 teams * coordinator: Pat Passi (tryouts)
U-12 Girls 3 teams * coordinator: Emily Glass (tryouts
U-14 boys 1 team coordinator: Joanne Gately
U-14 Girls 1 team coordinator: Joanne Gately
U-16 Boys 1 team coordinator: Mario Ramos
U-16/U-18 G 1 team coordinator: Steve Hunt
U-18 boys (might not have a team) coordinator: Steve Hunt


Tryouts need to be completed by 11/2

The following coaches are currently signed up. To be voted at the next meeting

U-10 Boys: Bob Fishman, David Schulze, and Fernando Melo
U-10 Girls: Howard Finer, Katie Kashian, Chuck Sullivan, and Kevin Roane
U-12 Boys: Dave Schulze
U-12 Girls: Emily Glass, Brian Donahue, Mario Ramos and Rich Roseman
U-14 boys: Luis Monteiro

Motion by Howard Finer to Make Tony Colafrancesco the U-16 boys coach, second by Mario, approved 8-0.

Motion made by Emily Glass for Steve Hunt to coach the U-16/18 girls team, second by Lisa Buckley, approved 7-0, Steve Hunt abstained.

12. Spring 2009 in-house

U-5 division coordinator: Kevin Hickey
U-6 division coordinator: Lisa Buckley
U-8 boys coordinator: Lorraine Paukner
U-8 Girls coordinator: Kevin Roane

13. Old business:
Web site redesign: Steve Hunt and Howard will meet with Joshua Correia
Logo contest: Steve working with Joy Liu on making some changes.
Papa Gino’s Fundraiser: Mario working on it
For the Spring season, we will line a larger U-12 field.
14. New business:
Motion made to have Michael Paukner, Ryan Lang, Luc Pierre Louis and Bobby Blindt play up with the high school division as long as it does not interfere with their traveling game. Motion made by Stephen, second by Mario. Approved 8-0
Motion to table Pampered chef fundraiser to the Spring season.
Motion by Mario, second by Howard
Approved 8-0

Motion by Steve to purchase number pennies for the tryouts, second by Howard.
Approved 8-0

Quality of play: We will look into bringing outside help to try and improve the quality of play; this will be discussed at our next meeting.

Meeting Adjourn – next meeting Monday November 3rd.