Picture night next Tuesday. Online ordering available!

Picture night is next Tuesday at the Gibbons School!

Online Photo Registration (OPR®) is available for you to use now. Please follow the instructions below to place your orders through our vendor’s secure system.  

Ordering is a snap; log in, pick your photo product(s) and pay online!

And if those weren’t compelling enough reasons, brand new for 2013 you can now BUILD YOUR OWN PACKAGE!   Combine three or more of our most popular items to build your own custom package and take advantage of reduced package pricing; only available if you purchase online!

OPR® for Stoughton Youth Soccer will only be available until photo day.  Take advantage of OPR® today by visiting the link below.

Please note that if you purchase online you should NOT complete an order form. Do one OR the other.

The system is completely secure, personal information is held in the strictest confidence, and all orders are backed by our 100% satisfaction promise. (If you cannot make the photo event, are unhappy with the photo, or change your mind, you will receive a complete refund.)

If you haven’t used OPR® before, you’ll need to create a new log-in account when prompted.  If you did this in the past, you will be able to use the account created then.

Purchase your photos now

Or, simply paste the following URL into your browser:  https://opr.sportography.com/OPR/?a=20004&e=2024

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