September 1, 2009

SYSL Board of Directors Meeting
September 1, 2009
7:30 PM1. Meeting called to order.

2. Attendees:
Naomi Leon Mario Ramos Lisa Buckley
Lorraine Paukner Howard Finer Emily Glass
Jay Anderson Joanne Gately Steve Hunt
Kevin Roane

Guest: a. Katie Lawes and Kevin Barney from Clean sheet Partners
b. Volunteer from DCF
Motion by Emily to allow DCF to have a table during the Jamboree. To promote and educate Stoughton Families about the Foster service. Motion by Emily, second by Naomi.
Unanimously approved.
3. Reviewed minutes From August 11th meeting.
Motion to accept meeting minutes by Steve, second by Emily.
Unanimously approved

4. Registrar’s report
455 players signed for the Fall 2009 season, this includes paid and unpaid.
Motion to accept registrar’s report by Emily, second by Steve
Unanimously approved


5. Treasures report
Due to a computer error, the treasures report was not presented at this meeting.
There are still a few outstanding sponsors from the spring, Joanne will follow up.


6. Field Report
a. Kick Wall pulley has been repaired by Chris Carlow.
b. We are running down on Orange Paint, at this time the board has decided to table this issue. But only 6 boxes of orange paint left. The majority of the paint left is White.
c. A set of Revolution tickets were given away during field clean up day, the winner was Rich Pearl.

7. Concession Stand report:
a. Discussion took place regarding kids being in the concession stand. The reason behind this is that we do not have insurance for any volunteer that is not CORI checked.
Board members kids are allowed to help out in the concession stand but only if all volunteers in the concession stand are CORI checked. If a non-CORI checked volunteer happens to be helping out in the concession stand, the board member will say to the child ” we are all set now”. Each board member is responsible explain to their kid the reason behind this code word.

Motion by Emily, second by Lorraine.
Approved 8 to 0
Steve Hunt abstained from this vote.

b. The old computers that were loaned to Stoughton youth soccer until we purchased the new laptops, will be removed from the concession stand, to make room for the new laptops. They will be brought to a recycling center.

8. SSSL Report
Nothing to report at this time.
9. TOPSoccer
a. Only 4 children signed so far.
b. Lisa has advised Jen Comeau that all Tops registration need to be done on line.
10. Old Business
a. Joanne is working with Erica from Sports Pilot to have the sponsors pay via credit card.
b. The following motion was made regarding the Juggling club by Emily
A player who can juggle 5 times gets: a patch/soccer tattoo
A player who can juggle 10 times gets: a Patch/soccer tattoo/certificate.
A player who can juggle 25 times gets: a white T-shirt/patch/certificate.
A player who can juggle 50 times gets: black T-shirt/patch/Certificate

Second by Lisa
Unanimously approved

c. On line store, Howard still has not give store prices and rules to Camelot.

11. Fall 2009 season

a. Record coaches votes that were done via email:

U-10 Girls in house division
Nick O’Neil to assist Gina O’Neil.
Motion by Lisa, second by Naomie.
Unanimously approved

U-6 Division
Jacob Allen (HC)
Motion by Lisa, second by Lorraine.

Unamosily approved

U-8 boys division
Christine Resendes (HC)

Sean Sears (AS)

Joe Szum (AS)

High school division:

John DelValle
Seamus Fennessy
Rob Mitchell
Carlos Vargas
Motion by Lisa, second by Steve
Unanimously approved

c. U-5 players

8 teams of up to 7 players, change to 4 players on the field.
Motion by Kevin, Second by Emily.

Unanimously approved

d. High school division
23 players signed up to date.

e. Review coaches package.

Remove Lisa’s home number.

f. Sunday MLS clinics 3 hours long, to be held for five weeks, this will be held on Sunday afternoon.

Motion by Howard, second by Emily.

Unanimously approved

d. Motion made by Steve to make all fall sponsors the same price for both in-house and travel since both teams are using t-shirts. Both $200 per team.

Second by Lorraine.
Unanimously approved

e. Training schedule

Once our free MLS camp ends, on week 6, Sunday 10/18 Mass youth soccer will give us a free clinic.

U-6 and U-8 4 3pm to 4pm
U-10 and U-12 4pm to 5pm
U-14 5pm to 6pm.

f. Motion by Steve to use the younger referees to do lines from the U-14 games, paying each $15.00 per kid, in order to get them ready for the spring.

Second by Emily.
Approved 8 to 0
Joanne abstained.

g. Due to the success from the 2009 spring, the cleat swap will continue this fall. We will offer this during the 1st weeks training session and during the Jamboree.
12. New business:

a. Goalie clinic
Discussion took place regarding doing a goalie clinic, this will be tabled to a later date.
b. Spring 2010 registration

Early bird discount for travel registration U-10 and up will begin on 9/13 and end on 10/17/2009
Recreational league early bird discounts, U-8 and under will end on February 1st, 2010

c. Sports pilot family maximum project is currently being work on.



d. Renew Revolution tickets for 2010

Motion by Mario, second by Lorraine.

Unanimously approved

e. Discussion took place regarding the presentation by Kevin Barney and Katie Lawes over the different programs that the Clean Slate Program offers.

Motion not to hire this service at this time, made by Steve, Second by Emily.

Unanimously approved.

f. High school division

Motion made to Reopen U-16 U-18 division for 5 days of sign up with out late fee. The rationale for this change was due to the uncertainty with the high school soccer team that caused players to delay signing up. The late fee had made it cost prohibited for some players to sign up. By removing the late fee for 5 days, would allow these players to sing and not have to cancel the High school division due to low numbers.
Motion by Steve, second by Emily.

Approved 8 to 1
Mario voted against it.
13. Next meeting Tuesday October 6th.

14. Meeting adjourned.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Mario Ramos