September 2013 Board of Directors Minutes

SYSL Board of Directors Meeting

September 4, 2013

7:30 PM


1.  Meeting called to order.



2.  Attendees



Seamus                                Brian F                  Mario                    Shaun

Lorraine                               Lisa                         Ariel

Amanda                               Colum                   Brian M



3.  Review of minutes from July 9th BoD Meeting


Motion to accept minutes made by Loraine, Second by Brian

Unanimously approved

Review of minutes from August 6th BoD Meeting


Motion to accept minutes made by Seamus, Second by Ariel

Unanimously approved




4.  Registrar’s Report





5.  Treasurer’s Report





6.  Field Report



7.  Concession Stand




8.  SSSL Report


9.  TOPs Soccer

Going great


10. Fall 2013


Motioned by Shaun 2nd by Brian F vote passes


11. Old Business



12. New Business




13.  Meeting Adjourned

Next Meeting on Wednesday, October 2, 2013




Minutes respectfully submitted by Amanda Grant