September 4, 2008

SYSL Board of Directors Meeting
September 4, 2008
7:30 PM1. Meeting called to order.

2. Attendees:
Joanne Gately Stephen Hunt Mario Ramos
Lisa Buckley Pat Passi until 8:40 Lorraine Paukner
Emily Glass Kevin Hickey

3. Reviewed minutes From July 8th
Motion to accept by Lisa, Second by Pat Passi
Approved 8 to 0

4. Reviewed August 5th minutes Motion to approve minutes with a minor modification of item # 8 regarding Concession stand. Motion made by Lorraine Paukner, second by Lisa
Approved 8-0

5. Registrar report
427 players signed up to date.

Motion to accept registrar’s report by Pat, second by Emily
Registrar report approved 8 – 0

6. Treasures report
SYSL has about $37,580.45 in the checking account.
The three-month profit and loss 12,251.22.
Bills were sent out on 8/4 for any sponsor that has not paid for spring sponsorship.

Motion to accept treasures report by Steve, second by Emily.
Approved 8-0.

7. Field three issue with not getting enough water. We will cut back on how much we water field 1 and 2 in order to have enough to water field 3 more often.

Sheds partially painted, will be completed next week.

The message board will be too heavy to attach to the fence, will need post, Buddy is working on getting this project going.

8. Concession Stand report:
AC unit still on the list to be done
Two computers in the concession stand, one already up and running the other will be check out by Rob Mitchell.
Steve Hunt has a printer that was donated by his company, which will be donated to SYSL.

9. SSSL Report
The next South Shore Soccer League meeting is scheduled for 9/15.

10. TOPPS Soccer
Nothing to report with the exception that the times were changed to 2:30
11. Fall 2008
a. Change John Neves to assistant coach to Fernando Melo U-10 team and Victor Gomes to U-10 boys Head coach.
Motion by Steve, second Mario
Voted accepted 8 -0

b. Eddie Freitas to be a co-coach with Michael Fitzgerald U-12 boys Cranberry team.
Motion by Howard, second by Steve
Vote accepted 8-0

c. Confirming email voting for fall coaches

U-8 boys
Epy Batista assistant coach
Mark McInnis assistant coach

Approved 9 to 0

Rich Rogers assistant
Bill Whidden assistant
Malfada (Dina) Demarino assistant
Approved 9-0

Rich Rogers assistant
Naomi Leon Head coach
Mark Marrocco assistant
Chris Cesario head coach

Approved 9-0

d. This Fall we were late with getting sponsors on board, we need to get an early head start for the spring in order to get the uniforms done on time.

e. Uniroyal coupons to be give out the first week of the season.

f. Cranberry league will not start this week.

g. Turn off sports pilot for fall registration as of 9/7/08


12. If a travel coach wants to have a scrimmage, Stoughton Youth Soccer is not responsible for paying for the referee, its up to the two coaches to pay for the referee, unless the coach can get a referee to volunteer his time.
Motion by Emily, second by Pat
Approved 8-0
13. Field opening and closing schedule
Monday’s – Opening Lorraine , Closing Mario
Tuesday’s – opening Howard closing Joanne
Wednesday’s – Opening Lorraine, closing Emily
Thursday’s – Howard opens and closes
Friday’s -Opening Kevin, closing Pat
14. Old business
a. Website re-design
We will look into getting the web site professionally done.

b. Board super next Tuesday at CLC

c. Entrance gate leave it as is for now.

d. Spring registration to begin on 9/8

e. Travel tryouts October 4th

f. Logo contest winner, Joy Lu, Steve will send email out announcing the winner. Steve will also discuss the logo with Joy to make minor modifications.

15. New business

a. Mario will coordinate picture night
b. We need put together a board manual, with each individual’s duties to be able to pass on to future boards.
c. Breakers pick your seat day, October 4th.

Meeting Adjourn – next meeting Tuesday October 7th.

Mario, Steve, Howard, Joanne and Lisa meet in executive session.