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Stoughton Youth Soccer encourages all of our volunteer coaches to obtain their G & F coaching licenses.  Reimbursement will be provided for these courses when the following criteria are met:

1. Coach for 2 years (not seasons) after receiving your license.  Once you are coaching for your 4th season, you have met this requirement.

2. Provide a copy of your certificate showing completion of said course.

3. Provide a receipt of your payment.

* Please note that licenses beyond F will not be considered for reimbursement. *


The G License Course

Massachusetts Youth Soccer is known internationally as an innovator in Coaching Education. The foundation of all of our coaching education programs and courses is our G License Course. While the "G" is designed to guide Coaches of players 6 to 8 years of age, it also introduces coaches to principles and methodologies that will prove invaluable in coaching youth soccer players at all ages and levels of competition. We believe your players deserve the best coaching they can receive and it all begins with the "G"....

The G is a beginning course for is not just a course for beginning coaches. Every coach will benefit from The G. The content covered by The G ....
• Coaching organization and theory 
• How to become a resourceful and creative "Activity Leader". How to shape your kids' soccer environment.
• Ideas and suggestions about organizing practices and game days
• Practical activities and stimulating games for practices
• Teaching and correcting dribbling, passing, and shooting techniques
• Ideas on parent education and learning theory
• Characteristics of U6 and U8 players age appropriate coaching methodology

All Coaches MUST complete the G License Course before taking any other license course.



The Mass Youth Soccer F License Coaching Course is designed for the novice Coach who has some experience coaching players from U8 to U12. It is intended for those who coach or who intend to coach U10 and U12 teams. While there is no waiting period between the G License and the F License, in order to obtain an F License, a coach must first have obtained his or her G License. A candidate must also be 16 years of age or older. The F License Course is an 8 HOUR course that involves both classroom and field work. Bring your soccer ball, a notebook and pen, water and snacks and dress ready to play!


 Discussions of the many characteristics of the U10 and U12 player.
• Technically and tactically age appropriate activities for U10 and U12 players
• Information on how to design and impliment an effective training session
• More thorough demonstration of basic technique in dribbling, passing, receiving, tackling, heading and shooting
• Elementary goalkeeping techniques
• Basic tactical ideas in reference to the principles of play
• Discussions on the differences in coaching each gender, motivation and team building, injury prevention and management and  ethics.


E LICENSE COACHING COURSE                     

U.S. Soccer Coaching certification begins at the state level. Massachusetts Youth Soccer conducts E-License Courses throughout the year at various locations across the state. The “E” covers the elementary principles of coaching and is designed to assist experienced coaches of U10, U12 and U14 players. The U.S. Soccer Federation does not permit any waivers into the E License Coaching Course and every candidate must first successfully complete the F License course. There is a five (5) month waiting period between the F License Course and entering the E License Course. A candidate must also be 16 years of age or older. The E License Course is a 16 HOUR course that involves both classroom and field work. Bring your soccer ball, a notebook and pen, water and snacks and come dressed to play.


• The E License course combines soccer theory and practice
• Discussions of various systems of play, laws of the game and restarts
• Games and exercises for age appropriate practices
• Tactical ideas, including the tactics of 2 versus 1 situations
• Goalkeeping
• Each participant will have the opportunity to lead a short coaching session, with constructive feedback from the instructor



Course Description
The "D" license is a 36 to 40-hour course designed for the experienced coach who has already earned a National "E" license. The focus of this course is to improve a coaches’ ability to positively influence individual players and teams.

Course Overview
The course curriculum is targeted towards coaches of players who are in the Intermediate Stage of the Long Term Athlete Development model. A candidate who earns his or her D - License will be granted either a "National D" or a "State D". Candidates who earn their "National D" will be free to pursue further USSF licensure. Candidates who earn their "State D" who wish to progress to national licenses must achieve a "National D" passing grade.
Coaches looking to upgrade to a National D - License are required to attend the entire course no sooner than 3 months after the date of the Performance review phase.
Successful completion of the E License course a minimum of 5 months prior to the D course start date. Prior to the course commencement coaches are required to complete the pre-course work outlined below. Download D License Candidate Guidebooks.

Course Content
The course has 4 phases that you will need to successfully complete to achieve a National Passing Grade.

Phase 1 is the Pre- Course Phase.
Phase 2 is the Instructional Phase – The First weekend.
Phase 3 is the Deliberate Practice Phase – At least 1 full fall, winter or spring season.
Phase 4 is the Performance Review Phase – The Second weekend no earlier than 10 weeks after the date of the first weekend – The Instructional Phase.
For the Pre – Course Phase:  You will need to complete a lesson plan with 5 (Five) pre assigned Coaching Themes. These 5 Lesson plans need to be received by the Technical Director at least 1 week prior to the Instructional Phase start date and will be reviewed on day 1 of the Instructional Phase of the course.
For the Instructional Phase: You will be allocated a coaching theme 1 week prior to day 1 of the Instructional phase of the course by your assigned instructor. You are required to present your coaching theme on day 2 of the course. At the conclusion of your presentation you will receive feedback from your assigned instructor regarding your coaching performance.
For the Deliberate Practice Phase: You should select 5 topics from 12 pre-determined Coaching Themes. The list of coaching themes will be sent to you along with the pre-course assignments. Two of the themes must be from the attacking list, 2 must be from the defending list and 1 must be from the goalkeeper list.  You are required to conduct each of your five selected topics with your team during this Deliberate Practice phase. You are required to discuss your lesson plan with your assigned instructor prior to running the session with your team.
For the Performance Review Phase: Your assigned instructor will allocate your Final testing theme to be presented on the final day of the course. You will be assessed and graded during this presentation to determine your final testing award. Your final testing theme will be allocated after the Deliberate Practice Phase has been completed. 

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