July 2014

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SYSL Board of Directors Meeting

July 14, 2014

7:30 PM




1.  Meeting called to order.



2.  Attendees



                Brian F


                Jon G




                John F


                Brian M




3. Brian F and Shaun demonstrated a new website called League Tool Box



4. Joanne was present for the meeting to discuss A Movie for Marissa.  Things that were discussed-

  • Mosquito control- extra Off will be provided for those who forgot

  • Games like bean bag toss will be provided

  • They are in need of tables and board members offered to lend theirs

  • We discussed the need for lighting

  • We will either need an extension cord for the microphone or a wireless microphone

  • If it rains out the event will be moved to the Immaculate Conception Church


    5.  Review of minutes-Tabled


    6.  Registrar’s report

  • 366 players are registered so far

  • Motion to accept-Amanda 2nd by-Brian M unanimously approved


    7. Treasurer’s report

  • 3 sponsors are unpaid so Lorraine will be sending out more invoices

  • Outstanding sponsors- $800

  • Motion to accept-Amanda 2nd by-Seamus


    8. Field Report

  • Seamus will take care of landscaping invoices

  • Loom is needed to repair field 2

  • Still having issues with the water pump


    9.  SSSL Report

  • No July meeting

  • No new refs under the age of 14


    10. Concession Stand Report

  • Lorraine has the new food license


    11. Topps Soccer-Nothing new to report


    13. Old Business

  • Sponsor Plaques are at the concession stand and must go out.Each board member needs to pick up a few and give them out.Mario took care of the misspelled plaques

  • Annual Board Dinner- August 12th, 730pm at Noceras

  • Email Votes-Tabled

  • Summer Soccer League-Every player must be registered

  • Issue with patches- They were too small.Mario took care of it and got credited.

    • Vote to order bigger patches for .97 each was Motioned by Amanda 2nd by Brian f unanimously Approved

  • General meeting notes will be attached

  • Lorraine has the U-Mass Boston team Photo


    14. Fall 2014 season

  • Number of teams per division-

    • U10 Girls- 33 players registered-3 teams of 11-Registration is closed

    • U10 Boys-46 players registered-4 teams 11,11,12,12-registration is closed

    • U12 Girls-15 players registered-1 team-Registration will be left open

    • U12 Boys- 28 players registered- 2 teams- 14,14-Registration is closed

    • U14 Girls- 29 players registered-2 teams-Registration will be left open

    • U14 Boys-24 players registered-1 team- Registration will be left open

    • In house is tabled

    • Motion to accept by Seamus 2nd by Lorraine unanimously approved

  • Travel Coaches-

    • U10 Girls-Tabled

    • U10Boys-

      • 1st team- Lou

      • 2nd team-Ya and Jon

      • 3rd team- Joe and Paul

      • 4th team-?

      • Motion to accept-Jon G 2nd by Brian M unanimously approved

    • U12Girls-

      • Sean Carr and Bert Durand

      • Motion to accept- Lorraine 2nd by Seamus unanimously approved

    • U12 Boys-

      • 1st team-?

      • 2nd team- Brian Freedman

      • Motion to approve Amanda 2nd by Jon G unanimously approved

    • U14 Girls-

      • Katie Kashian head coach

      • Motioned by Lisa 2nd by no one motion not approved

      • Gina O’Neil and Katie Kashian

      • Motioned by Lorraine 2nd by Amanda Brian M abstained vote passes

      • 2nd team tabled

    • U14 Boys-

      • John Neeves and Brian freedman

      • Motion to accept Jon G 2nd by Shaun unanimously approved

  • Date for teams to be created-Tabled

  • Date for uniform ordering- Tabled

  • Game times will be same as last year.There will be no games on Yom Kippur.

  • Mosquito control- Tabled

  • Mps clinic- Tabled


    15. New Business

  • Megan Macneil- Tabled

  • Joanne will take care of the sponsor thank you ad

  • Fall Sponsors-Tabled

  • Set up passwords for new board members-Tabled

  • Update Patriot alarm contact list-Tabled

  • Goalie jerseys-Tabled

  • August 30th will be Fall field clean up day

  • Lorraine has the permit for practice fields

  • Check signing authorization needs to change next month

  • Fall coaches meeting is August 27th

  • Taxes due July 31st

  • There will be a ref assigning course in December


    Next Meeting on Monday August 4th at 730


    Minutes respectfully submitted by Amanda Grant

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