August 2014

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SYSL Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, August 4, 2014

7:30 pm



  1. Roll Call
    1. Shaun Garrity, Brian Falcione, Seamus Fennessy, Lisa Buckley, John Freitas, Lou Teixeira, Lorraine Paukner, Colum Kavanagh
    2. Jon Grant – arrived late
    3. Amanda Grant – not in attendance
  2. Review of Minutes from June & July
    1. Motion – Seamus / Second – Brian
  3. Registrar’s Report
    1. Lisa reviewed Fall numbers, Registration is closed as of 7/31 except for U14B’s to get enough for two teams, U16/18 remains open too.
    2. Motion – Seamus / Second – Brian
  4. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Check signing authorization – Add Lorraine, remove Mario.  Lorraine to call bank and coordinate
    2. Report was tabled
    3. Lorraine to look into updating the officers
    4. Motion – Lisa / Second – Seamus
  5. Field Report
    1. General Condition
    2. Seeding front of Field 2 – Seamus is waiting for pricing from Tracey for seed and areas to fill
    3. Landscaping Invoices – Seamus rec’d invoice for July
    4. John Freitas has dump truck
    5. Is Sod an option? Get pallet and try
    6. Seamus to put together Donation proposal request letter for the field work that needs to be done
    7. Breaker split for electric and water or just one of the two?  A shut off was installed so there is no leak.
    8. Shaun is getting a quote on fence for back stop, Field 1 and kickwall
    9. Do we need new boys/girls room signs that face the opposite direction?
    10. Motion – Seamus / Second – Lisa
  6. Concession Report
    1. All stock donated to Marissa’s fundraiser
  7. SSSL Report
    1. Rules Vote in September (Stoughton has 3 votes) – we need three attendees
  8. TOPS Soccer Report
    1. Lisa/Amanda to open TOPS registration for Jen
  9. Old Business
    1. Sponsor Plaques – paid and unpaid
    2. Plaques to be corrected – they have been done and on their way to SYSL
    3. Pick up plaques at concession and distribute them
    4. To avoid errors on the plaque – can we get template or form so we can type it out prior to picture night?
  10. Fall ’14 Season
    1. Approve email votes – none
    2. Coaches Mtg & Coaches Packet – Suggestion to have it online only. Have it ready by 8/15.  New format – separate by age group so quick reference and easier to follow
    3. Field Clean Up Day

i.Prep work – 8/29 Markers; Prep 8/30 7-7:30am start; Arrival 8:30

  1. In House

i.Rosters/team create by Sunday

  1. Travel Rosters

i.U10G – 3 teams – Amanda to sit with the coaches to set up three teams then propose the coaches for approval (this week)

ii.U12G – 16p – w/f SSSL to approve the 16th player. 15p to dress for each game.

iii.U14B – 2 teams – players in the pipeline – we are at 26p

iv.U14G – 2 teams are set

  1. Open close schedule/concession stand/field lining schedule – Colum will create draft
  2. Permit to use school fields – Lorraine
  3. Sponsors – Get sponsors for Fall!  All board members must help!
  4. In House Uni Order – Table

i.Send in house shorts/socks numbers to Mario/Colum

  1. Travel Uni Order – Orange Socks – numbers to Mario/Colum
  2. Release Rosters – 8/15!
  3. Coach soccer balls / Coach Kit

i.Windsor Tire / BJ’s / Michelin for soccer balls

ii.John Freitas to contact Franklin Sporting Goods / Dick’s / Modell’s

  1. Report on meeting w/ GPS/MPS

i.MPS clinic

  1. Reviewed community outreach program. Regular Program No Additional Programs at this time: Motion - Brian / Second – Lisa
  1. New Business
    1. Spring 2015 registration – turn on the second week of the season
    2. Fall SYSL night at Gillette – Mario will get dates
    3. New Board Members

i.Keys, passwords, SP, concession, website (John needs keys)

ii.Old members need to return their keys

  1. Concussion training online for coaches?  This will be added to the website and available to all coaches
  2. AED for Kolz fields – Brian Freedman to provide the AED
  1. Next Meeting 9/8/14

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