March 2015

Updated Thursday April 2, 2015 by Stoughton Youth Soccer League.

                                           SYSL Board of Directors Meeting

Monday March 2, 2015

6:30 pm


  1. Roll Call (Amanda Freitas, Lisa Buckley, Lorraine Paukner, Colum Kavanagh, Jon Grant, Brian Falcione, Lou Teixeira, Seamus Fennessy, Shaun Garrity)
  1. Review of minutes from January – Motion by Seamus / 2nd Jon
  1. Registrar’s Report

a.     Need in house numbers for socks and shorts – Lisa and Amanda to create the list for Mario and Colum

  1. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Stoughton 2nd half  payment to SSSL – paid by Brian Falcione
    2. AG’s solicitation cert mailed 2/12? Brian will pick it up Saturday and finalize w/ Dennison
    3. Board members to log in and look at reports etc. and how to access the account.
  1. Field Report
  1. Field cleanup day 3/28 – keep for now. Change if needed.
  2. Turn on water – HOLD off due to snow
  3. Fracking – HOLD off due to snow
  4. Order paint – wait until April
  5. Landscaping bids – cutting and fertilizing. TruGreen is not in. Tracey $11K
  6. Parking issue? Right side of Field 3 was used by town as snow dump
  7. Shaun to look into ways of ridding fields of water
  1. Concession Report
  1. Access and damage to pole/phone line
  2. Amanda – when do the shopping? HOLD til we have access. May need Lorraine/Mario/Julie to help. Amanda is due beginning of April
  1. SSSL Report
    1. No meeting in February – school closed due to snow storm and vacation
    2. There will probably be a vote on 3 coaches on 3/16 mtg
  1. TOPS Soccer Report
  1. Amanda to open 3/16
  2. Jen to update home page and TOPS page on website with Shaun
  1. Spring 2015 Season
    1. Record email votes for traveling coaches via email
    2. Pick in house teams and coaches when registration closes
    3. Rosters are due 3/20! So we can order uni’s, pick colors, etc.
    4. Travel team uniforms
      1. Amanda and Lisa to run report for Mario
      2. Need size and numbers. Mario assigns the numbers.
  1. In-house uniforms
    1. Approve POP Tops – pricing same as fall – YES
    2. 5 weeks to in-house opening day
  2. Sponsor Update – we have a few new sponsors. We need 26 sponsors. Brian F. to send letter/email to old sponsors.
  3. Practice Permit – Lorraine is dropping it off  tomorrow
  4. Spring in-house numbers (based on current numbers)
    1. U5 – 36p – 6 teams of 6p
    2. U6 – 47p – 8 teams of 6p
    3. U8B – 56p – 6 teams of 9p
    4. U8G – 50p – 6 teams of 8/9p
  5. Game balls and U5 Coach kits. U5 kits are in the shed. We will open them and take count. We have pinnies too. Amanda to order game balls.
  6. Shaun is scheduling in house games on website, automatically
  1. Old Business
    1. Spring coaches meeting 3/24 – move to 3/31/15 at CLC
    2. Scholarship committee – stay impartial, best way, how verify information accurately?
    3. Professional training – Contract review with UK Elite – Jon.  Only change is that we get 4 hours free. Possiblity – 2 hrs Spring and Fall or 4 hrs Fall or Spring – coach training. 
    4. Jake Hoffman memorial soccer tournament
  1. New Business
    1. Fall Registration – open registration 2nd week of the in house season
    2. Review number of players per team – U14G – discussion if it was okay to have more players on the first rather than the second. Yes, if that is where the player belongs skill wise.
    3. Nomination Committee – Tabled
    4. Coaches shirts – count of concession stock.  Order extra Med and Large – no smalls.
    5. 2014 SYSL night at Gillette – need to contact Chris Robblee – Colum to contact him.
    6. Policy Discussion – Need a committee to review SYSL policies?  What are the ramifications? Look at the whole picture. We started to discuss the policies but stopped as this should be for the committee to review and put together a draft/changes.  Implement changes for Fall season.
    7. Lock concession file cabinet as coaches and others are going in on their own.
  1. Adjourn – next meeting     (Monday April 6th -- 6:30pm) Police station

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