May 2016

Updated Friday June 10, 2016 by Stoughton Youth Soccer League.

SYSL Board of Directors Meeting


Monday May 9, 2016

6:00 pm


  1. Roll Call (Amanda Freitas, Jon Grant, Seamus Fennessey Lisa Buckley, Colum Kavanagh, Lou Teixeira, Craig Smith, Ian Fox, Sando Santos) (Not in attendance - Shaun Garrity)
  2. Review of minutes from last meeting
  3. Registrars Report
    1. Fall Registration
      1. Age requirements needs to be clarified
        1. Lisa to contact SP to have grade added
        2. Amanda to modify dob’s
        3. New year is calendar year
        4. Players can play with current grade or request waiver to play with divisions previously played
      2. Open / close dates
        1. Open now
        2. Close In House and Travel on 6/13 (early)
        3. Final Close for In House and Travel 7/13
      3. Penny Saver Ad
        1. Hold until we get all details from SSSL and we are set up in SP
  4. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Past due sponsors - TABLED
    2. Clean up old invoice - TABLED
  5. Field Report
    1. General status is good.
    2. Landscaping and Fertilizer. Good.
    3. S&L Pump
      1. 2 flexcon tanks & motor start switch needed – big $$$
        1. 2 tanks are bad. Approx $1600 each plus labor
        2. Switch on control panel
  6. Concession Report
    1. Amanda has small list to purchase
  7. SSSL report
    1. Next meeting is Monday 5/18 – mandatory
    2. Travel rosters frozen 5/24
    3. Scholarship $700 – 2 kids.  Best two kids. Not necessarily one boy and one girl.
    4. Concussion certificates report due
    5. Medical release needed after concussion/injury
    6. Going with Infinity program
      1. Lisa to f/u with SP to see how they might integrate or how they are going to deal with not losing current customers
    7. Travel coordinators remind coaches to get all id’s and laminated roster from the refs after each game.
  8. TOPS Soccer Report
    1. Jen is looking for $$ for shirts
      1. Colum to email and follow up if full uni, or just jersey’s for volunteers/players
  9. Spring 2016
    1. Record email votes – NA
    2. Training/Clinics/Practices Feedback
      1. Weather has been an issue but it is going okay overall
    3. Pick Photo Day for Fall
      1. Lou to contact Gemini with 9/24
    4. Photo Day is 5/15
      1. Lisa to send blast to league with link provided by Lou
  10. Old Business
    1. Nomination Committee
      1. All board to ask, recruit and nominate
      2. Lisa to work with Lorraine
      3. Lisa to send blast with information and nomination forms
      4. Lisa to print forms for concession black boxes
    2. SYSL Night at Revs is 5/21
      1. Lisa to send blasts 5/15-5/21 / Shaun to post
    3. Coach Appreciation Night
      1. No. The turnout has not been great.
  11. New Business
    1. Reg close/increase 6/13. Evals week of 6/14-17
    2. Fall Training program – TABLED
    3. Rev coach clinic on 6/6 – 2 spots open for SYSL
      1. Recommend invite Paul Comeau and Dan Walsh – COLUM
    4. New Policy implementation
      1. HOLD for new board and SSL new policies
    5. New HS
      1. Will SHS soccer need fields for JV games?
    6. M&G Pizza
      1. Lisa to send blast / Shaun to post
    7. Paint Machine
      1. Post on FB
    8. Go through all equipment at end of season and weed through what we don’t need/use
  1. Adjourn – next meeting     (Monday 6/6/16 at 6pm) CLC 

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