June 2016

Updated Wednesday July 20, 2016 by Stoughton Youth Soccer League.

SYSL Board of Directors Meeting


Monday June 6, 2016

7:30 pm



  1. Roll Call (Amanda Grant, Jon Grant, Lisa Buckley, Shaun Garrity, Lou Teixeira, Craig Smith, Ian Fox) (Tardy – Seamus Fennessy and Colum Kavanagh) (Not in attendance – Sandro Santos)
  2. Review of minutes from last meeting - Amanda, Shaun 2nd
  3. Report from Elections Committee
    1. Election of the 2016-17 Board
      1. Executive Board ran unopposed
      2. Members At Large required an election
      3. All votes counted and saved
  4. Registrars Report
    1. Fall Registration
      1. Amanda to modify the years, every other year is in the wrong agegroup
      2. Open / close dates
        1. In House and Travel closed on 6/13
        2. Final Close for In House and Travel 7/13
      3. Penny Saver Ad
        1. DONE by Lisa
  5. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Generate monies owed list SYSL from Spring 2016
    2. Generate #’s, $35K/yr approximately. Operating expenses etc. needed for Prone
    3. Raffle ticket sales – we break even
    4. Food License is up for renewal
    5. Clean up old invoice – Lisa to work on
    6. $60K in bank – we need to review the projects that need to be done and allocate monies toward them
  6. Field Report
    1. General status is good.
    2. Landscaping and Fertilizer. Good.
      1. Raise the cutting blade for the summer so it does not dry out so quickly
    3. Spray field markers for Fall field lining. Use shield.
    4. Loom and seed after K4J tournament
    5. S&L Pump to send new quote for repair/improvement of irrigation system. System is old (2002 or earlier). Cannot repair and find parts
  7. Equipment Report – all equipment is returned
  8. Concession Report
    1. Tabled until after Tournament and Movie Night
  9. SSSL report
    1. Travel rosters frozen 5/24
    2. SSSL mtg June 13 at 7:30. MYS to attend to explain/get feedback from league about changes to rules (age restrictions, goal size, etc)
      1. Amanda and Colum to attend
      2. Goal size etc too big for u10
  10. TOPS Soccer Report
    1. Jen is looking for $$ for shirts
      1. Colum to email and follow up if full uni, or just jersey’s for volunteers/players
  11. Spring 2016 wrap up
    1. Volunteer of the Season – Mario
    2. Sponsor Plaques – not in yet
    3. Training/Clinics/Practices Feedback
      1. Need goalie training
      2. A lot of responsibility
      3. Lack of coach participation
      4. We lose kids to clinic due to softball baseball conflict
    4. Sponsor Thank you Ad
      1. Lisa to prep/send to Pennysaver
    5. 2016 Scholarship winners – Josh Mitchell and Kyle Silverman
  12. Fall 2016 Season
    1. Training – in house or external
      1. Lou to look into potential options
    2. Pick age coordinators – tabled to next meeting with new members
    3. In House game times – tabled until next meeting when we have all the numbers/registered
    4. Pick Photo Day for Fall
      1. Lou cofirmed Gemini with 9/24
  13. Old Business
    1. Approve email votes – N/A
    2. Paint machine posted on Craigs List?
      1. Seamus to do
    3. Policy Review – TABLED as we need all new rulings from MYS and SSSL
  14. New Business
    1. Jake Hoffman Tournament
      1. Donate all that is left in concession
    2. General Meeting Wed 6/15
      1. Lisa to blast invite to all members
    3. Fall uniforms
    4. Fall sponsors
    5. Put money to savings each month for “rainy day repair/replace fund”
      1. $8K in savings
    6. Go through all equipment at end of season and weed through what we don’t need/use
  1. Adjourn – next meeting (Monday 7/11/16 – 6:30pm?)      

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