July 2016

Updated Wednesday July 20, 2016 by Stoughton Youth Soccer League.

SYSL Board of Directors Meeting


Monday July 11, 2016

6:00 pm



  1. Roll Call (Lisa Buckley, Shaun Garrity, Lou Teixeira, Craig Smith, Ian Fox, Seamus Fennessy, Colum Kavanagh) (Not in attendance – Sandro Santos, Amanda Grant, Jon Grant) (New Members all in attendance)
  2. Review of minutes from last meeting
  3. Registrars Report - TABLED
  4. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Everything is up to date
    2. Holding too much money for non-profit
      1. Spending ideas
        1. Nets
        2. Deck – Ian to price/prep/plan
    3. Upcoming expenses: MYSA, Field Expense, uniforms
    4. Need to renew: quickbooks, permits, post office box
  5. Field Report
    1. General status is poor. Brown.  HOT and not enough rain/water.
    2. Sprinkler is up and running. No invoice received to date.
    3. Recommended that we spray for poison ivy on wood side of Field 2. Cut back two feet or spray? Seamus to look into it
  6. Concession Report
    1. Food License renewal.
      1. Lisa texted Joanne – she will do it this week
  7. SSSL report
    1. None (playoffs, no meetings July, August)
  8. TOPS Soccer Report
    1. Jen is looking for $$ for shirts
      1. Colum to email and follow up if full uni, or just jersey’s for volunteers/players
  9. Fall 2016 Season
    1. Pick age group coordinators – see attached
    2. Determine number of teams per division – see attached
    3. Choose Travel coaches
      1. Coordinators to place players and then recommend coaches
      2. The few we were able to choose are as follows:
        1. U14B – Sandro/Dan – both Head
        2. U14G – Durand to pick asst coach from coaches registered
        3. U10B – Garrity to pick asst coach from coaches registered
        4. U10B – Teixeira to pick asst coach from coaches registered
    4. Date for Travel team creation – due SSSL 8/1 # team/placement; 8/15 preliminary rosters, $100/team, coach id’s only
    5. Date for In-house team creation
      1. 7/18/16 to allow time for uni order etc
    6. Date for In-house uni order
      1. 7/22/16
    7. Norfolk Mosquito Control
    8. Fall Clinics
  10. Old Business
    1. Sponsor plaques – to be sent direct
    2. Coach team photos – some are still in concession
    3. Email votes – NA
    4. Sponsor Thank you Ad
      1. Lisa to prep/send to Pennysaver
    5. Paint machine posted on Craigs List?
      1. Seamus to do
    6. Policy Review – TABLED as we need all new rulings from MYS and SSSL
    7. Fall Sponsors – Jon Grant
  11. New Business
    1. Set up SP passwords for new members – Shaun Garrity
      1. Lisa to train new members on SP
    2. Field Cleanup
      1. 8/27, 8/28 raindate
    3. Permit for practice fields
      1. Lisa to send form to Tricia and Shaun
    4. Check signing authorization
      1. Colum and new board
    5. Fall coaches meeting
      1. Tuesday 8/30
    6. Taxes – TABLED
    7. Web page for SYSL teams that made playoffs
      1. Shaun to create the page
    8. Jackets and sign for U18D2 champions – YES Lisa/Shaun
    9. Lou motion to order new equipment – YES
    10. Seamus to paint the bathroom floors etc.
    11. Lisa to contact SP to see if we can force uni order for Grade 3 entering 1st year of travel at time of registration. Or check yes I have a travel uniform, No and go straight to products
  1. Adjourn – next meeting     (Monday 8/1/16 at 6:00pm (unless Kevin and new board determine better day/time) 

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