August 2016

Updated Wednesday August 10, 2016 by Stoughton Youth Soccer League.

SYSL Board of Directors Meeting

Monday August 1, 2016

7:00 pm


Roll Call: Kevin Grant, Amanda Grant, Chrissy McBride, Luis Teixeira, Daniel Walsh,  Karen Powers, Marci Amorim, Craig Smith


  1. Review July minutes- passed


  1. Registrar’s Report- Fall 2015- 378 players, Fall 2016-389 players; registration is up in U12, U5 up, U6 down, U14 up in boys but down in girls.

-Coordinators, Coaches and Assistant Coaches need to send head shots (.jpg format) to Amanda (no hats or glasses).

-in addition to Mass Youth Soccer registration, coaches also need to complete concussion training and send their coordinators their completed certificate, who will then forward to Amanda so she can keep track.


  1. Treasurer’s Report- No treasurer’s report tonight

    1. Taxes


  1. Field Report

    1. General condition- very bad


  1. Landscaping/Fertilization invoices


  1. Water tank

    1. Permanent or temporary fix in place?

    2. Next steps

               - Water isn’t going into the tanks quickly enough

                                            -A decision needs to be made by the board on whether to maintain the current                 

                                            system or upgrade to a new system

                                           -Ian will be asked to contact companies about coming out to give estimates on     

                                            upgrading the system


  1. Concession Report- Empty, Amanda will be doing the shopping in early August

                                            -Coaches will need to send parents to work in the concession stand, asking for   

                                            volunteers has not been working so parents will be assigned dates to work        



  1. SSSL Report-No meeting in August, no report


  1. TOP Soccer Report….registration opens?

               Nothing to report, SYSL will be offering to help with uniforms


  1. Fall 2016 Season

    1. Approve email votes- Motion made and passed to approve email votes


  1. Coaches meeting - 8/30

              Marci will contact Gina da Silva at CLC about using the upstairs room


  1. Coach packets and web site up to date? Not currently up to date, will be worked on


  1. Coaches CORI check..web site under coaching…Age Coordinator to drive registration

      Coordinators will be reaching out to coaches to ensure that they complete the Adult Registration     

       and CORI checks


  1. Field cleanup day - 8/27

    1. Prep work....nets, tywraps, paint, repair markers.

Older players can receive volunteer hours for helping


  1. In house

    1. rosters/teams created?  Coaches?

  • Grade PRE-K (u5)- 6 Head coaches and 4 Assistant coaches needed

  • Grade KG (u6)- all set

  • Grade 1/2 (u8) Boys- all set

  • Grade 1/2 (u8) Girls- 2 Assistant coaches needed

  • Grade 9-12 (u16/u18) Boys and Girls

  1. Travel

    1. Finalize travel teams & coaches- voted on coaches

  • Grade 3/4 (u10) Boys

  • Grade 3/4 (u10) Girls

  • Grade 5/6 (u12) Boys- 2 coaches needed

  • Grade 5/6 (u12) Girls

  • Grade 7/8 (u14) Boys 22 on roster, can dress 18

  • Grade 7/8 (u14) Girls


  1. Open close schedule/concession stand/field lining schedule- need to look at last year’s schedule and decide on dates and times


  1. In house Uniform order- Order is being worked on

  2. Travel uniform order- parents with pending invoices will need to pay before being given uniforms. They will have to mail Amanda a check, she will be creating invoices


  1. Release rosters- after the coaches meeting on August 30th


  1. Coach soccer balls…coach kit? Amanda will order


  1. Gemini photos - 10/24 All set, September 24th


  1. Old Business

    1. Sponsors

      1. How to handle banners.  Price, process, ect.

Banner prices are $200 for one season, $250 for the year and sponsors provide the banners


  1. Food license permit done by Joanne G and field permit done by Lorraine

    1. Will they continue to do this or do we need new volunteers?

They will continue to do the food permits.

Lisa/Shaun were going to be looking into the check for the field permit


  1. New Business

    1. Spring 2016 registration open? Week of August 18th


  1. Fall SYSL night at Gillette Stadium - Sat. Oct 1 @7:70pm correct time is 7:30


  1. New board members…WELCOME!

    1. Keys, passwords….SP, Concession, web site.

New board members need to be given keys

  1. Adjourn – next meeting     (September 12th   @7:00PM?)

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