September 2016

Updated Tuesday November 29, 2016 by Stoughton Youth Soccer League.

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Minutes for

Monday September 12, 2016

7:00 pm


  1. Roll Call Kevin, Amanda, LOU, Craig, Ian, Colum, Tricia, Karen, Chrissy, Dan, Marci
  2. Review of minutes from last meeting
  1. Registrar’s Report
    1. Affinity Status? Not in a big rush to switch over, scheduling and cancellations are a nightmare
    2. New registration items we need to be aware of? All coaches must complete a CORI for IDs to be printed. All board members need to complete and adult registration & a CORI. Spring registration due to open up on September 18th.
  2. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Taxes? Due Dec. 30, will need to have papers/info. in by early October
  3. Field Report
    1. General condition- Field 1 needs, grass, Field 3 sprinkler broke, need blue spray paint
    2. Need field open/close schedule Going to create a list of what needs to be done
    3. Field clean up Very poor turnout, start emailing reminders earlier
    4. Sprinkler/Pump system See August minutes, Ian is getting prices; aiming for early spring
  4. Concession Report- deliveries will be in for fried dough
  5. SSSL Report
    1. Next meeting 9/19.  Voting on new rules. 3 votes allowed by each town. Amanda, Lou, and Colum will be going
  6. TOP Soccer Report
    1. Uniforms we’ll pay for their uniforms, sent quote to Tricia, need 3 refs, we’ll order their medals, use field 1
  7. Fall 16
    1. Confirm email votes. Secretary keeps track of  these votes
    2. Opening week …how did it go? Coaches names missing from charts
    3. Clinics …how did it go? Going well
    4. Uniforms
      1. Travel …how is our shorts, socks supply? All paid, order socks, still have some shorts
      2. In house …how is our shorts, socks supply? All paid
    5. Coach shirts
      1. Travel …need to order any? All set
      2. In house …need to order any? All set
    6. Coach game balls handed out at coaches meeting
    7. U5 equipment bucket put out and let people borrow things
    8. Photo night at Kolz…Sept 24…Gemini
    9. SYSL night at Revs on Oct. 1
    10. Rev player appearance 9/20 @5:30 send out reminder emails, try to sell tickets to 10/1 game
  8. Old Business
    1. Sponsor banners. None have been submitted
    2. Food License Status? All set
    3. Website Updates? None today
  9. New Business
    1. Discuss email protocol regarding money no transactions over email, don’t give out any personal/account info
    2. Board member shirts.  How many do we need? All set, will be ordered
    3. Travel schedules posted.  New affinity site
    4. Sent annual Leadership Report to MYS all set
    5. Spring 2016 registration. Due to open 9/18
    6. Will we do try-outs for Spring?  Dates and how to run? TBD
    7. Keys …who needs copies? Kevin gave keys out
    8. Deck? Slick, powerwash?
    9. Volunteers low this year so far.  Ideas on how to improve? Reach out to HS kids, coaches reach out to team parents


  1. Adjourn – next meeting (Monday October 3rd – 7:00pm police station)

Additional Info.

Chrissy volunteered to make a concession booklet with procedures/routines

Permit needs to be posted

Dan Walsh will be opening on 9/24

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