October 2016

Updated Tuesday October 4, 2016 by Stoughton Youth Soccer League.

sysl-logo-300x300sysl-logo-300x300SYSL Board of Directors Meeting


Monday October 3, 2015

7:00 pm


  1. Roll Call: Kevin Grant, Amanda Grant, Chrissy McBride, Luis Teixeira, Daniel Walsh, Karen Powers, Craig Smith, Ian Fox, Trish Lewis
  2. Review of minutes from Sept meeting  – table till October meeting
  1. Registrar’s Report –
    1. Waiting for MYS to decide on naming convention
      1. Have not opened up Spring registration yet
      2. Number of players for u10
      3. Net size is NOT changing
      4. Credentials – Amanda will need to make the credentials, even those working at Concessions stands
        1. 16 and 17 year olds do not need to be CORI’ed
        2. Board members please make sure to register on MYS and to confirm your CORI
      5. Up a dozen teams from last year – we will have an even harder chance to get in than last year
      6. South Shore is looking for 3 volunteers for Ref Retention Committee – if anyone is interested, see Amanda
      7. All the ByLaws passed.  Nothing really affects us.  Amanda has copy if anyone wants to review them.
  2. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Referee pay status?  New system working ok?
      1. Refs have all been paid.  New system is still a cluster.  We should look at what Maple pays their refs.
      2. Mario is going to send Trish every two weeks what the refs need to be paid
      3. Continue to pay kids in cash and pay adults in checks.
  3. Field Report
    1. general status?
      1. Need to fill holes on Field 3
    2. re-seeding?
      1. Kevin will talk to the landscapers to re-seed. Kevin will ask Seamus. Field 3 is bad
      2. Amanda suggested to keep bags of dirt in the shed to fill the holes.  Have them dump it in the end of the driveway and cover it with a tarp.
      3. See if we can move games to re-seed some fields
    3. Field paint fully stocked – Yes, we are all set

Field lining?

  1. Lou said he’d be there on Thursday
  1. Concession Report
    1. Good now, since we didn’t have games last week.
    2. Our prices are a little bit cheaper than football, so we will not be lowering the price of water bottles.
  2. SSSL Report
    1. Updates from meeting last month? Up in Registrars Report
  3. TOP Soccer Report  - nothing to report.  Medals will say Stoughton Youth Soccer


  1. Fall '2016
    1. Clinic feedback
      1. KG is good.  We usually get at least 4-5 coaches
      2. U8 girls runs smoothly
      3. Karen will bring coaches clinic information to November meeting
    2. Photo day feedback- went very smoothly
      1. Lets book a day for Spring season.  Keep it on field 2. Karen will pick a day for Spring in November Meeting
    3. In-house makeup day – will be added to end of season. Ian and Chrissy agree that if we have another cancellation day, we should just stop at one makeup game.


  1. Old Business
    1. Vote/record  any email votes? Didn’t have any
  2. New Business
    1. We should bring back the Juggling Club. Use scarves as awards.
    2. We need to figure out a better schedule for Spring Concessions
      1. We voted to raffle off 2 $25 Dunkin Donuts at the end of the season ONLY for parents who work in the concession stands.  Winners will be notified at the end of the season
    3. Taxes filing
    4. Schedule Photo Day Spring 2017 – Yes Karen will determine the date and bring to November Meeting
    5. U10 – U14 tryouts – October 23rd
    6. South School PTO for a certificate for a free registration?- Yes still doing this.  Trish will tell them at the South School board meeting.  We do it for other schools in the Spring.
    7. Remaining Raffles (tickets, ball, shirt, jackets) -  we have one more set of Rev tix, ball signed by players, shirt signed by players, getting jackets.
      1. Regular raffle first week
      2. Next week is the ball
      3. Next week is the shirt
      4. Work up to the jacket. So do a raffle each week
    8. Order extra in-house shirts in the future – Every year, kids don’t have shirts or someone signs up late.  We voted to order extra without numbers, two for each color (one medium, one large)
    9. Water Pump – Ian said no one wants to do it.  Ian will have Colum give him the list.  Ian suggested we work all winter to have guys come in and give estimates
  3. Adjourn – next meeting     (Monday  November 7th -- 7:00pm) Police station 

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